Posted on Mar 1, 2023

The Seattle Eyelid & Blepharoplasty Center

The patient has the chance to sit down with Dr. William Portuese and talk about their shared objectives for altering the eyelids to better fit and balance the face.
During the consultation, Dr. Portuese will check the upper and lower eyelids.
At the consultation for the eyelids, he will also take pictures of the eyelids and perform computer imaging.
Although the patient's appearance cannot be predicted, computer visualization is a useful tool for communicating expectations.
Patients should take advantage of this chance to discuss their goals for blepharoplasty surgery and make sure that Dr. Portuese can achieve them. They should also make sure that their expectations are fair.
Dr. Portuese also goes over a whole book of his own before and after photos of blepharoplasties with patients during the session.
They can be found on our website at as well.
If the visual field obstruction test was completed before the ophthalmology examination, Dr. Portuese will also review the results.
A patient's insurance may pay a portion of the procedure if there is a considerable visual field restriction, often over 30° in primary gaze.
The visual field obstruction test will decide this.
Before beginning any insurance-related blepharoplasty work, Dr. Portuese will evaluate the visual field obstruction test, take photographs, and submit a physical examination for preauthorization with the patient's medical insurance.
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