Posted on Aug 11, 2022

Texas Electricity Ratings

Reduce Your Oncor Energy Bill By Weatherizing Your Home

Drafts aren’t just for winter. Summer drafts pull in hot, humid air and make your AC run longer, causing your energy bill to spike.

Before you can repair the drafts it's important to know the common places where hot air sneaks in your home.

1. Most commonly around windows
2. Through the framing of your front and back doors
3. Improperly insulated attics, basements, and garages
4. Chimneys

Securing your house against summer drafts can keep your home cooler and your electric bill cheaper. Here are some things you can do against summer drafts.

1. Close your windows: Whenever your AC is on, keep your windows closed
2. Weatherproof your windows and doors: Apply weather strips to the sides and bottoms of your doors and windows where there’s a gap.
3. Use draft barriers: Laying down pillows, draft barriers, or even plastic can help ventilate drafty windows.

On top of practicing efficiency, other ways you can save on your energy bill is by making a electric choice to a fixed-rate plan. In deregulated states you have the power to choose [] your energy provider and plan, allowing you to shop for the cheapest energy rates in your area.

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