Posted on Jan 23, 2020


What are the Network Administrator's Responsibilities?

Network administrators install, support, and manage networks and computer systems that stream information. Network administrators also install and manage their network hardware and software. It is the responsibility of network administrators to troubleshoot network problems and ensure network security, availability, and performance standards.

Skills and Responsibilities

1) The following skills and responsibilities are required for network administrators.
2) Configures and maintains the organization's LAN and WAN computer network.
3) It manages network security tools, such as firewalls, anti-virus, and intrusion detection systems.
4) Identify, troubleshoot, resolve, and document network connectivity and performance issues.
5) Installing and supporting wired phones and other networked telecommunications devices.
6) Monitor network performance and configure the network for optimal speed and availability.
7) Install, configure, and maintain network hardware, such as Cisco routers and switches.
8) Deploying, configuring, and upgrading network software such as corporate antivirus or diagnostic programs.
Implementing and maintaining emergency backup and restore systems for critical network servers.
9) Network administrators organize user access to sensitive files to protect against internal security breaches.

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