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Our treatment specialization includes the following:

Family Counseling
Couples Counseling
Individual Counseling
Premarital Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Relationship Counseling
Parenting Suppo...

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How to Be a Better Wife and Strengthen Your Relationship

As women, we often bear the responsibility of caring for those around us. We take a house and turn it into a home, using our culinary skills to create nourishing meals. We serve as a source of encouragement for our spouses, constantly remi...

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or group undermines another person's perception of reality, causing them to doubt their own sanity, memory, or judgment. The gaslighter may distort or deny events, minimize the impact of their actions, and often engage in repet...

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Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation tactic employed by individuals to control and manipulate others by distorting their sense of reality. This term originates from a play and subsequent film called "Gas Light," where the protagonist's husband manipulates her perc...

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Christian Counseling - Marriage & Family Therapy
Oklahoma City, OK - Edmond OK
Individual Counseling - Couples Counseling - Family Counseling

Our treatment specialization includes the following:

Family Counseling
Couples Counseling
Individual Counseling
Premarital Counseling

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Marriage and Family therapy can be a valuable resource for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening relationships within your family. When seeking the help of a family therapist, it's important to ask the right questions to ensure that you and your family get the most out o...

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If you're struggling with depression, seeking the help of a professional counselor can be an important step in your journey towards healing and recovery. Shawn Maguire is a highly skilled and experienced counselor who specializes in helping individuals overcome depression and other mental health ...

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6 months ago
In my experience, Shawn is the best counselor out there. The insight he has is amazing and he's not afraid to say what needs to be said. He is able to cover a lot of ground in each session. He gives specific things to work on and offers a lot of tools to help.
- Mike F
a year ago
Shawn Maguire gave me the most fantastic experience. Big "a-ha" moments resulted from experience. It was eye-opening and a step forward in my own development. Shawn is a great therapist. Before we married, my now-husband and I went through pre-marital counseling with him. He assisted us in resolving a number of long-standing issues just by assisting us in communicating more effectively and understanding one another. Shawn is really engaging and will participate actively in the meetings rather than just sitting there and letting you do all the talking, which I loved! He presented us with numerous information and techniques to aid in the strengthening of our bond. We appreciate all of his assistance and support during our relationship! I would recommend Shawn to anyone seeking true healing and knowledge about their past, current, or future relationships. I was enthralled by his forthrightness and honesty, which comes across as loving. Warm, vivacious, grounded, and highly moti...
- Jessica N
a year ago
Shawn Maguire is my marriage & family therapist. I am so grateful for him and how he has changed my life through therapy and counseling. His methods with integration of Christian principles has taught me alot about myself and about my marriage. My family, my husband and my life are alot better and I have to publicly thank Shawn for everything that he has done for me so far. Highly recommend Shawn to friends and family. A new perspective on life. 😊😊😊
- franky P

Family, Couples, Marriage Counseling

As a Marriage and Family Therapist in Oklahoma City, OK with an emphasis on Christian Counseling, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the current challenges in your life.

Christian Counseling Services

Serving Oklahoma City, Yukon, OK and Edmond OK.

Marriage, Family, & Individual Counseling Services  
Experience Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed Christian counseling service  

Over the past 25 years Shawn has specialized in areas such as marriage counseling, OCD, anxiety, and helping parents raise amazing kids.  He has extensive additional training in areas such as EMDR, CBT, and NLP. These, among all the other techniques Shawn uses are applied from a Christian worldview.  Today the majority of his focus and what he is most known for is being a relationship expert. Shawn discovered that if he can help the couple then he can have an impact on them and their children for generations to come. This has been his passion and focus for many years.  

Marriage counseling is what we do best!  We use cutting edge techniques that are guided by Biblical principles.  We challenge the status quo and will help take your marriage to the next level.   We have helped thousands of couples through seemingly impossible conflicts and trials.  Many couples start with us as a “last resort”, believing their relationship is too far gone.  To their surprise, after only a few sessions we see the flames of love begin to flicker and hope appears again.  We are committed to confronting the problems that are destroying your connection and openly resolving them through powerful techniques and effective home assignments.  We are confident that God still has a plan for your relationship and want to walk with you through this process to achieve it.You may still be saying “You don’t know what has happened.  There is no hope for us.” We may not know but God does. We serve a God of reconciliation, so if there is a way we will help you find it.  If you and your spouse are willing to step outside your comfort zone and commit to new levels of effort with the help of God and us, then the sky’s the limit!   

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