Posted on Jan 18, 2023

Bay Clinic Of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care involves manipulation of the spine to restore normal articular function and mobility. It also involves using modalities to improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, and increase energy. Chiropractors often give patients advice on diet, ergonomics, exercise and supplements. 
A typical chiropractic treatment visit includes a consultation, examination, spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and other physiotherapeutic modalities. Some chiropractors prescribe nutritional supplements to help the body heal itself. 
In addition to these treatments, a patient may be given other medical treatments in conjunction with a chiropractic visit. For example, chiropractic treatment of low back pain may include use of traction devices to stretch the spine to reduce pressure on nerves. The same may be true for arthritis, asthma, or other non-neuromusculoskeletal conditions. 
Bay Clinic of Chiropractic offers several different treatment options to help you enjoy good health without drugs or surgery. We look forward to helping you reach your personal health goals. Contact us to schedule a visit and find out what natural solutions are right for you. 
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