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Posted on May 25, 2019


Fat freezing tummy and love handles only £150

May 25, 2019 – Jun 6, 2019
Do you have areas of fat you would like removing and sculpting 😮

Hate those love handles or stubborn thighs 😮

What about that tummy you just can shift 😮

Fat freezing maybe just the answer your are looking for.

With the fat freeze for the thighs, arms, love handles we freeze the fat cells for 45 minutes at minus eight temperatures, (Tummy 55 mininutes). Only the fat cells are targeted and everything else is infected by the treatment. You will be red after the treatment for between 45 /60 minutes and you may feel numb in that area. Fat Freezing is a great treatment, however you need to follow the after care advice for it to work. The first 48 hours no hot drinks, alcohol or baths as all these things will warm up the body and you need the area to stay as cold as possible for the fat cells to completely die off. Also you need to drink two litres of water every day for 8 weeks to flush out the fat. It’s a slow process as the liver can not process all that fat at one time. If you follow the aftercare you should lose around 25% /30% of the fat in the area treated.
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Valid May 25, 2019 – Jun 6, 2019
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