We greatly appreciate your patience during the pandemic and we are happy to announce that NOVA Dental Studio has reopened. Due to the ongoing health concerns, appointments may take slightly longer than usual. This will ensure adequate time for sterilization and disinfection between patient visits...

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Although NOVA Dental Studio can no longer provide routine dental care due to COVID-19, we are still available to help with your dental emergencies. If you are experiencing pain, please call our office and we will make the necessary accommodations to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Do I really need to floss every single day?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes. According to the American Dental Association, flossing your teeth once a day is essential. When you brush your teeth, your toothbrush won't be able to reach in between your teeth. As a result, plaque can buil...

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Finding reliable dental care requires locating the best Falls Church dentist. One professional often recommended by current patients is Dr. Michael J. Paesani at Nova Dental Studio. Patients regularly speak about his expertise and his attention to expert care. - https://t.co/vP2MGefvfH

Because t...

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https://t.co/vP2MGefvfH - As a local Falls Church dentist, our goal is to educate our patients to empower them so that they can preserve their healthy smiles permanently. We are proud to state that Nova Dental Studio uses the latest technology and we are dedicated to the highest levels of educati...

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Dentists in Falls Church

Feb 21, 2019 – Feb 18, 2020

With hectic schedules and strains of modern living, maintaining oral health can be difficult. Visiting a local dentist on a routine basis is therefore important to achieve good dental health. At NOVA Dental Studio, we offer a wide variety of dental services to suit your lifestyle. Our objective i...

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With hectic schedules and strains of modern living, maintaining oral health can be difficult. Visiting a local dentist on a routine basis is therefore important to achieve good dental health. At NOVA Dental Studio, we offer a wide variety of dental services to suit your lifestyle. Our objective i...

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To see a person's overall health, you need to know the state of their oral health. The mouth is often referred to as the gateway to everything in your body. If you’re not taking care of your teeth, gums and tongue chances are you are going to end up getting sick. In some cases, this lack of ca...

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2 months ago
I love this dental practice! The team is professional, thorough and friendly. Today I was just in for my 6 month cleaning. But, I've had emergency issues in the past that were dealt with immediately. Plus, it's easily accessible with no parking issues, and in Falls Church, that's a real plus!
- Linda H
a week ago
I've been going to Dr. Paesani for 5 years and always come away feeling confident that my dental needs have been met. Diane, the one dental hygenist I see regularly, is wonderful. Diane and Dr. Paesani give me a clear assessment of my dental health. Both are gentle. Office is run efficiently, pleasantly. Additional costs are spelled out. I would definitely recommend this dental office.
- Julie S
2 months ago
I have absolutely loved being a patient at this practice and I am sad to be leaving them (I am relocating out of state). Dr. Paesani is gentle, reassuring, and talks you through the process to make sure you understand what is going on and what needs to be done. He is cautious and never suggests work to be done that is not absolutely necessary and never pressures you to complete certain procedures (which I have experienced at other dental practices). All of the team are professional, kind, and incredibly uplifting and calming. Calming music, massage chairs, gentle hands, and wonderful smiles await you if you go here as a practice. I particularly like working with Nicole. I am sad to be leaving this practice. After many years of dreading the dentist and not being sure how best to take care of my teeth, I truthfully feel that Dr. Paesani and his office have allowed me to trust again and get through an appointment without questioning or dread.
- Patricia L

Dental Services Offered

Finding a good family dentist who is close to home is not always easy. No matter how good a dentist is, that does not make him a good pediatric dentist. Michael J. Paesani, DMD - NOVA Dental Studio is an excellent pediatric dentist!  He is someone who will be able to work with your children, even at a young age, without causing too much pain causing them to develop a fear of going to the dentist. Fear of dentists is common among young children because they are often unable to understand why they must tolerate the pain that comes with visiting a dentist. Finding a dentist who is good with children and who will help them get through the pain is extremely important. Call Dr. Paesani today to scheulde your child's appointment at (703) 237-7725.

General Dentistry

Dental Cleanings and Examinations

NOVA Dental Studio is a premier provider of dental care for residents in Falls Church. Our hygienists and staff dentists will give you thoroughly professional dental cleanings and examinations that will maintain and can improve your dental health. During your first visit, we will not only clean your teeth but also polish and floss them. Our staff will take X-rays of your teeth and perform other checks that include looking for cavities, periodontal assessment, oral cancer exam, and a TMJ screening. Most appointments take about an hour to accomplish. Dr. Paesani will also go over your medical history with you and recommend treatments to improve your current dental health.

Generally, we recommend you receive an exam and cleaning twice a year, but frequent visits may be required for some patients with advanced gum disease. Excessive plaque buildup can result in tooth decay, bad breath, and serious gum problems. Dr. Paesani may also recommend deeper cleanings and evaluations to help achieve optimal dental health.

Crowns and bridges
Crowns and bridges are a means to replace missing teeth or restore damages to teeth.  Also known as a "cap," a crown covers the surface of a tooth, which has experienced a great amount of damage.  This function strengthens the tooth and considerably improves its shape, alignment, and overall appearance too.

A bridge may be employed to fill up noticeable space where teeth are missing. The bridge contains one or additional artificial teeth cemented into place by using the surrounding teeth for stabilization. This method is often used to resolve problems of missing teeth.  Bridge functions both functionally and cosmetically. The materials used include alloys of gold, bonded by porcelain to Zirconia or a metal alloy, or even a special ceramic material specifically made to match the hue of your teeth.  Choice of the material being used depends upon the specific requirements for the space required to be filled by the bridge.      

Cosmetic Veneers
A beautiful smile adds beauty to your face and gives you an instant boost to your self -confidence and esteem. However, if you have experienced the devastation of chipped teeth, discolored teeth, misshaped teeth or gap between front teeth, opting for veneers in Falls Church VA, one of the many options cosmetic dentistry offers would be a good decision. Cosmetic veneers are basically thin porcelain coverings that are placed over the visible part of the front tooth. This is basically done by removing the outer layer of the enamel (less than 1mm) to make room for the veneer to fit seamlessly into the smile line. Veneers can help improve your smile and create a beautiful polished appearance.

Veneers are usually applied to part of those teeth that are visible during the conversation. The two most common materials used for veneers are porcelain and composite resin. Both these types of veneers can be bonded to the patient's teeth in a dentist's office by using resin cement.  Investing in cosmetic veneers is an ideal option for those people seeking a perfect smile.      

Teeth Whitening
Having a gorgeous smile is easier than you think, even if your teeth are dull and stained. Get a smile makeover in just 45 minutes with a teeth whitening appointment at NOVA Dental Studio. With an in-office appointment, you'll have a bright smile in no time, giving you the pearly whites that you have always wanted while boosting your confidence.  Once our staff has completed the teeth whitening procedure, you'll receive bleaching trays for at home use to keep your smile white.

Even if you don't have the time for an in-office whitening, NOVA Dental Studio can help. After a brief consultation, we can take impressions and then create bleaching trays that you can use at home to whiten teeth and give you a sparkling smile.

If you're looking for a way to boost your looks and your confidence as well as restore your youthful looks, considering booking a teeth whitening appointment. A first impression is important in any situation and making sure teeth are white is a major factor.  

Emergency Dental Care

You may need to find emergency dental care if you are suffering from a tremendous amount of pressure in your mouth, sinus pressure, or a painful toothache. We at Nova Dental, know that dental problems do not occur only during business hours. There are many instances when you have to visit a dentist as soon as possible. We are here to help in case of such a scenario. Emergency dental service in Falls Church - Virginia Our primary goal with all patients is that we offer urgent care to provide you with relief soonest possible. You may be suffering from a chipped, fractured, or broken tooth, problems from your wisdom teeth after a recent extraction, a lost or broken crown, a lost tooth, treatment for head pains, sinus, lost fillings or dental infections, or simply discomfort because of pressure in your mouth or sinuses. The Nova Dental emergency dental service specialists will diagnose the problem as fast as possible, and work on giving you with much-needed relief.      

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