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What if the Police Stopped Me Unlawfully, and I Got a DUI? 👮‍♂️🚔🚨

If you are currently pending a criminal DUI charge, you should involve a skilled DUI defense attorney in your case as quickly as you can. Waiting too long to hire legal counsel for help can be highly detrimental to your case. E...

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI Involving an Accident? 🍾🚘

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a serious criminal offense in all 50 states, though each state has specific laws. Upon conviction, an offender may look at serious penalties, including losing a driver’s license,...

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What Happens if I Take Breath and Blood Tests after a DUI? What Happens if I Don’t? 🍾⚖️‍

When a driver gets behind the wheel of a car, they impliedly consent to undergo a breath or chemical test if a police officer arrests them for driving under the influence (DUI). That test aims to determine ...

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​How Long Do Alcohol-Related Offenses Appear on Your Driving Record? 🍺⚠️

The best way to avoid a criminal record is to avoid having a DUI conviction on your record. There are several legal complexities when it comes to these types of cases. Many drivers believe a DUI is only a traffic infractio...

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Which of the Following Might Result in Harsher DUI Penalties? ⚖️

Just because you have an aggravated DUI charge, you may still fight it. Just like a typical DUI charge, a skilled lawyer can help you avoid facing extreme consequences. In some instances, a court may even dismiss your case. To lear...

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Which of the Following Penalties Can Be Imposed on You if You Get a DUI? ⚖️📜

You drove drunk, and it was a mistake. Or police charged you improperly. The criminal justice system now seeks to rob you of opportunities just because you, or it, made a mistake. Don’t let them win. Fight these charge...

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California Assault & Battery Defense Lawyer ⚖️👨‍⚖️

If you are accused of an assault or battery crime in California, be very careful. The consequences of a conviction can be disastrous. It is key to get a skilled assault attorney or battery crime lawyer on your side asap. All cases can potential...

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8 Million Californians With Criminal Record Helped by New AB-2138 License Law Starting July 1, Says Chudnovsky Law ⚖️📜

Chudnovsky Law is an award-winning California criminal defense and professional license defense law firm. The firm’s three senior attorneys, Tsion Chudnovsky, Robert K. Weinber...

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8 months ago
Found Chudnovsky Law searching online, reading reviews and calling around to several LA criminal attorneys. They made me feel comfortable and treated me w respect and kindness from our first interaction until the end of the case. Always professional and on top of my case. Great communicators and they really helped put this behind me and focus on the future. My whole family and I recommend Chudnovsky Law to anyone in need!
- Chris J
2 months ago
I was referred to Suzanne by another LA attorney. As soon as I spoke with her I felt comfortable and confident in her ability to help me. She gave me lots of sage advice that turned out to be spot on. The court rules and procedures are so complex, but Ms Crouts is a master at the intricacies of the criminal justice system. She knew more than the prosecutor! I recommend her for her skills at producing excellent results even when everything seems stacked against you.
- George B
2 months ago
I called to ask some important questions about the law changes for sentencing enhancements that went into effect and got to speak with Tsion Chudnovsky. I was impressed with her knowledge and desire to help me understand how they could affect my relative, even without paying her anything. The other law firms I called pawned me off on a secretary who couldn't answer any substantive questions. I really appreciated that she was willing to take time out of her busy day to help. Tsion is one of a kind and a good choice for an attorney.Thank you Tsion for all the advice!!!
- Jerry R


If you have been arrested for a DUI or criminal offense in Los Angeles it is important to protect yourself. Criminal convictions and investigations can affect nearly every aspect of your life and career. An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can make the difference between your case being dropped or you going to jail with a criminal record. Chudnovsky Law is a criminal and DUI law firm that is skilled at protecting you in the court system and obtaining the best possible resolution to your case.

Our lawyers have a well established reputation amongst District Attorneys, courts and professional colleagues as smart, trustworthy and highly capable criminal defense attorneys. We understand the pressure and distress that clients feel when they realize the risks they face when charged with a crime. To successfully win your case, your attorney needs to be an expert in criminal law but also be skilled in human psychology and the art of negotiation. 

Chudnovsky Law attorneys truly care about you and work tirelessly to deliver the best outcome for you. We handle cases throughout all 24 Los Angeles criminal courts, Orange County and surrounding areas as well. As former prosecutors, we understand how the prosecutor will build their case against you and anticipate what their arguments will be. We use our inside knowledge of the criminal justice system to build successful criminal defense strategies built around your cases' unique facts and the prosecutor and judge assigned to adjudicate your matter. 

We are committed to excellent attorney client communications, mutual respect and providing honest assessments at every stage of the criminal process so you can make fully informed decisions about your life. Because the decisions you make about criminal matters are so important to your future, at Chudnovsky Law we firmly believe in providing you with as much accurate information and legal analysis as possible to fully inform your decision making process.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a police investigation, DUI, criminal charge, or warrant, you would be well advised to hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney or Los Angeles DUI lawyer. At Chudnovsky Law we use our extensive experience, resources and knowledge to protect you, your future and your family from the risks you face from a criminal conviction.  

Chudnovsky Law handles criminal defense, professional license defense and criminal immigration defense in both state and federal jurisdictions.  Our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers offer affordable, effective representation for you in any state or federal criminal defense matter including:

  • Misdemeanor. These crimes are punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines typically not exceeding $1,000 to $2,000. The firm's Los Angeles misdemeanor lawyer handles all types of misdemeanor offenses including: domestic battery, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, possession of drugs, DUI, indecent exposure, juvenile offenses and petty theft.
  • Felony. These serious crimes have prison sentences of 1 year to life. Example felony crimes include: armed robbery, burglary, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI with great bodily injury, federal crime, grand theft auto, murder, insider trading, vehicular manslaughter, sexual assault, rape, violent crime and white collar offenses.
  • Wobbler. These are offenses that District Attorneys can charge as either a misdemeanor or felony crime. Common wobbler offenses include: assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, child endangerment, domestic violence, child pornography, criminal threats, corporal injury on spouse, DUI with injuries, grand theft, lewd acts with a minor, stalking, statutory rape, vehicular manslaughter, sexual battery, and hit and run.

Los Angeles professional license defense and criminal defense
Chudnovsky Law has extensive history representing medical doctor, nursing, pharmacy and dental license holders facing DUI or criminal charges. Our Los Angeles professional license defense attorney is experienced at handling both the criminal defense case and the DCA Division of Investigation investigations for all licensed healthcare professionals, including: 

Any criminal conviction can wreak havoc with your license and professional future. Chudnovsky Law's rare dual practice area qualification enables our defense attorney to manage your case for the best outcome of both the criminal matter and your license to practice. Our license criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling all kinds of license defense matters, including: Los Angeles nurse DUI defense, medical license DUI, medical doctor criminal defense, dentist DUI, nurse criminal defense, physician defense, and dentist criminal defense. 

Criminal immigration lawyer 
Attorney Tsion Chudnovsky is a Los Angeles criminal immigration attorney with extensive experience representing noncitizen criminal defense and DUI defense matters. Foreign nationals can face major immigration consequences when arrested or convicted of a criminal offenses. Crimes of moral turpitude can trigger deportation proceedings and/or affect future immigration eligibility. Our criminal and immigration lawyer is qualified at resolving criminal charges and DUI arrests in the best way to minimize immigration consequences.

Why hiring the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA is important
Your choice in a criminal defense lawyer is critical. Even minor misdemeanor criminal charges can have major ramifications in your life. Getting your driver's license suspended by the DMV for a DUI can affect your ability to work. And a criminal conviction on your record can affect career options, professional licenses, and insurance eligibility. By selecting an experienced lawyer with a proven record of litigating challenging cases, you can rest assured that you have a qualified legal advocate defending your rights – and your future. 

At Chudnovsky Law, our lawyers have more than 60 years in state and federal courtrooms defending the rights of the accused and navigating clients through the criminal justice system. The Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Chudnovsky Law are former prosecutors and public defense attorneys knowledgable about the inside operation of the criminal courts. We know how the government will build their case against you and the best ways to defend you at every stage of your case. 

Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers are committed to resolving your case 
At Chudnovsky Law, our lawyers get to know you, your objectives and your priorities. Clients often hire us when they first become aware of investigation, allowing us to intervene early with the goal of resolving the issue without charges being filed. Our goal is to get the best outcome, regardless whether we go to trial, negotiate a favorable plea deal or get the charges dropped. 

We offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans. 

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