Posted on Apr 17, 2022

KC Foot Care Thomas Bembynista DPM

Custom-made Orthotics can be used to treat many foot, ankle,knee and lower back problems. The Orthotics are made from a cast of your foot with no wait to capture the height of your arch, lately the new way to do this is by scanning the foot we have found it to be extremely inconsistent even though it seems Hi-Tech.
The Orthotics are custom made from a flexible resilient plastic with padding for softness. We guarantee that the patient will be happy with the fit and comfort. These can be a game changer for people with Arch and heel pain it works almost always. It is extremely beneficial for people with General fatigue, tiredness or pain in their lower extremity. If the Orthotics are not made by a podiatrist then they may not work well. It's important to understand that the podiatrist diagnosis the problem and uses the appropriate type of orthotic. Places let's say they will make custom orthotics cannot diagnose or treat they can only produce a product. You can call my office this is something you're interested in to make an appointment.
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