Posted on Oct 14, 2022

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Dental Implants: the process of osseointegration is the real secret behind the success of dental implants. Osseointegration is a natural process that is as important to the success of the dental (and other implants) as the story of its discovery is interesting. Like many very useful scientific discoveries, the process of what we now call osseointegration also came to light by chance.

It was in 1940, almost a century ago, that Bothe and colleagues were experimenting with titanium as a prosthesis material for fractures in animal legs. Since that time, osseointegration has been studied extensively. As of 2016, titanium alloys are the preferred choice for dental implants and other surgical implants. The alloying is done to modify the mechanical properties of titanium as desired.

Bone cells grow onto the surface of the metal, and the bond is mature in three to six months. It is for this reason that in routine implant placement procedures, dentists like to give a gap of about three to six months after installation of implants before a prosthesis is built over them. When implants are loaded in a single day, the dentists advise patients not to burden their implants with hard food initially. We shall discuss more conventional and same-day implant loading in more detail in the preceding chapters.
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