Posted on Oct 8, 2022

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Healthy Smile: achieving and maintaining it is a lifelong process. It is essential that we adhere to the necessary oral care habits on a daily basis. We summarized the most important oral care habits we look out for in our daily routine.

1. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth!
It’s no secret that brushing your teeth twice daily is the general recommendation to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth before bed frees us from bacteria and plaque accumulating on our teeth during the day, so we should not miss it! Nevertheless, many people continue to neglect evening brushing.
2. Brush your teeth properly!
Take time to brush your teeth! The technique of brushing your teeth is just as important as regularity. Use the toothbrush to remove plaque by gently moving in a circular motion to prevent the build-up of tartar, which often leads to gingivitis.
3. Dental floss!
Even most regular toothbrushes tend to neglect regular floss use. In addition to using dental floss to remove pieces of food left between your teeth, it is also a great way to stimulate the gums and reduce plaque. Using floss once a day is usually sufficient.
4. Drink more water!
Water remains the best drink to maintain our overall health, including oral health. Drink a glass of water after each meal, as this can help wash away sticky and acidic food and drink residue stuck between your teeth.
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