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In this video, Dr. Randy Cale, a Licensed Psychologist, answers the question, "What Conditions Have Proven To Be Responsive To Neurofeedback?" Our goal is to provide state of the art Neuromapping (QEEG), and then bring about positive transformation in the brain with intensive Neurofeedback traini...

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We appreciate all the feedback we get from our patients.

We specialize in Neurofeedback. Book an appointment for more info today!

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In this video, Dr. Randy Cale, a Licensed Psychologist, answers the question, "What Conditions Have Proven To Be Responsive To Neurofeedback?"

Our goal is to provide state of the art Neuromapping (QEEG), and then bring about positive transformation in the brain with intensive Neurofeedback trai...

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6 months ago
Capital District Neurofeedback has helped me a lot and I am grateful to be working with them.
- Domens H

About us

About Capital District Neurofeedback

Our goal is to provide state of the art Neuromapping (QEEG), and then bring about positive transformation in the brain with intensive Neurofeedback training.

At Capital District Neurofeedback (CDN), we do this by providing an integrative set of services, with not only Neuromapping of the brain and Neurofeedback, but also by providing you with supportive therapeutic services to ensure that your treatment goals are obtained.These therapeutic support services are designed to maximize the benefit of re-training a brain to work at its best, using Neurofeedback.

We do this incorporating a Bio-Psycho-Social model of mental health, which acknowledges the impact of multiple variables on how we function day to day.

The simple version is this:
Neurofeedback uses simple feedback to transform unhealthy brainwaves into healthier ones. This means brainwave problems that cause ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, mental fog, memory loss, and even migraines can be altered and improved so that symptoms are reduced or eliminated. While this process can take several months to complete, the research is showing improved results as each year passes. This is due to several advances in technology and research, including the ability to complete QEEG, or Neuromapping, in our offices.

The Neuromapping allows both the clinician and the client to actually ‘see’ where the most significant problems exist and to target treatment in those areas.

Why the Excitement Over Neurofeedback?

  1. Efficacy Rates Improving. The research is growing stronger year by year, showing that neurofeedback is proving more effective than other forms of treatment, from therapy to medication. This is dependent upon the disorder, of course. But for ADD/ADHD, for example, the research is showing that neurofeedback is likely superior to almost every form of treatment. And unlike most medications.
  2. No Side Effects. For every medication that affects the brain, there are side effects. For many adults and children, these side effects are remarkably uncomfortable and create their own misery. Neurofeedback has no side effects, other than the occasional sense of fatigue after a session. This is resolved with a bit of rest.
  3. Doesn’t Require Engagement with the Therapist. Many times, children, and sometimes adults, are resistant to ‘talking’ about their problems. Neurofeedback doesn’t require this type of engagement or discussion. The change is done with the use of technology, and thus children can participate as they watch YouTube, or play a game, using their brainwaves. Children come to easily accept the process, as do adults.
  4. Results Get After Treatment Completed. With therapy or medication, unfortunately, most research shows that patients, even under the most careful watch of a mental health therapist, decline when treatment stops. However, it appears that Neurofeedback, if done thoroughly, continues to enhance brain functioning after treatment is complete. This appears to occur because the brain is learning, evolving organism, so to speak. When Neurofeedback points the brain to a more efficient and healthier way to function, for many clients these pathways keep growing and evolving after the training is complete. The evidence is strong for this with ADD/ADHD, for example.
  5. Optimize Performance at Work & Play. Neurofeedback is not only helping those who struggle, it also opens the door to optimize performance. Athletes, executives, meditators, and anyone seeking to enhance their performance are finding that brain training is a cutting-edge tool that transforms prior limitations.

Consider Neurofeedback an Option.

We are involved in the well being of our communities:
  • Albany
  • Clifton Park
  • Rexfor
  • Latham
  • Niskayuna
  • Tro
  • Colonie
  • Malta
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Wilton
  • Rensselaer

Our Approach:

Conveniently, we even offer training for some in-home sessions, lowering travel demands.  We have had many patients from Albany, Latham and areas outside of Clifton Park achieve valuable relief from symptoms with this option.  Ask us about it for more details.

When you're searching for "psychologist near me", you'll get matched with an extremely knowledgeable and reliable mental health service center where you can trust our licensed professionals to commit to a positive change for our patients.

With over 29 years of experience, including certification in Neurofeedback, our team at Capital District Neurofeedback will carefully work with you to create a program to fit your needs. The emphasis will be on understanding and addressing more than just the neurological components addressed by Neurofeedback. Attention will be given to the impact of family/environmental factors, dietary components that contribute to inflammation in the brain (usually seen in the QEEG findings), as well as the powerful roles of medication and exercise in shaping the health of the brain. All these factors will be reviewed and considered in the treatment plan, as well any financial considerations that apply. Ultimately, the decision to pursue any form of treatment is in your hands, of course.

"While some new clients seek Neurofeedback as the first treatment option for their struggles, most arrive as treatment failures from other approaches. They are desperate for a real, sustained change! Whether it's the child on too many meds with no real gains, the student still anxious after practicing their cognitive restructuring for years, or the therapy-exhausted, still struggling adult... most have tried a bit of everything but found little success. Upon doing their research, they discover that Neurofeedback offers the chance to truly change how the brain functions, by teaching the regulation of brainwaves without side effects.

We offer Neurofeedback, sometimes called EEG Biofeedback, to directly & powerfully change how the brain functions.

KEY FACT: Dysregulated brainwaves are associated with almost every mental health issue, from ADHD, anxiety, brain fog, depression, sleep disorders, and more.

In our treatment, we are not here to discuss past traumas, your horrible history, or how poorly you have been treated. We are here to get you over all that! It's not that we lack compassion; it's just that you have many options for compassion...but few options for real change. That's where we come in:

When merged with our unique Focus-Forward treatment model, sustained improvements are reachable!

Refocusing you & your brain forward to your best future!"

 - Dr. Randy Cale, Psychologist Albany NY
State University of Albany NY Grad

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