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Byford Smiles has built an outstanding reputation as Byford’s premium specialist dental clinic conveniently located at Byford Marketplace.
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Unveiling the Impact of Dental Implant Material on Dental Implant Outcomes by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

The success of dental implants hinges significantly on the material used. This choice is more than just a preference; it's a decision that directly impacts the implant's functionality,...

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Making the Decision Between Titanium vs. Zirconia Dental Implants by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

Deciding on the right dental implant material can be daunting for many, especially when faced with options like titanium and zirconia. Each offers distinct benefits, yet understanding their dif...

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Exploring Wisdom Teeth Effects on Teeth Alignment by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are a frequent topic of interest and concern. They emerge in late adolescence or early adulthood and can vary significantly in growth patterns, often impacting dental alignment. ...

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery for The First 24 Hours by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

Recovering from wisdom teeth extraction can often feel challenging, especially in the first 24 hours when care is most critical. This period lays the foundation for a smooth healing process, managing pai...

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare: How to Promote Healing and Prevent Complications by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

Post-extraction care is not just about enduring a few days of discomfort; it’s about making a smooth transition back to normalcy with minimal wisdom teeth complications. Many ...

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The Truth About Wisdom Teeth Removal and Braces: What to Expect and Consider by Dr. Abhi Singh of Byford Smiles

Dealing with dental health issues can be tricky, particularly when it involves making decisions about wisdom teeth removal and braces. Many people face uncertainty about the optimal ...

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a month ago
Having a fear of going to the dentist, I had put it off for way too many years. All the staff at Byford Smiles couldn't have been any kinder or more supportive of me. They took extra time to make sure i was comfortable and breathing, especially Mrs Sandhu and her assistant who are so lovely! I have been several times now and they have got me feeling alot better about my appointments. They also offered me great advice on health insurance and options to try and make the process financially viable.
- Gail H
2 weeks ago
Doctor Alefia is such a great, gentle professional dentist. I don't usually like to go to dentist but with Dr Alefia, it's very pleasant experience and I have no hesitation to go to my appointments. Thank you to the dental assistance for being so attentive. They are a great team 👏
- Daruosh A
3 months ago
I was nervous originally seeing a new dentist a few years ago but Dr Singh is one of the best dentists I have been to. Makes you feel comfortable, explains things thoroughly and looks after you each time I recommend him to everyone, I even got my husband to see him after 12 years and a fear of the dentist :)
- Lane C

Why We Are Byford's Preferred Dentist

At Byford Smiles, the art and science of practical dentistry come together to achieve high-quality, long-lasting results. Our philosophy is simple. We strive for excellence. We aim to provide the highest quality dental care in a positive environment and by doing so, make a lasting difference to our patients’ confidence and quality of life.

Byford Smiles has built an outstanding reputation as Byford’s premium specialist dental clinic conveniently located at Byford Marketplace. Byford Smiles houses a team of leading dentists and an amazing support staff.

We service all surrounding Suburbs in Byford including Darling Downs, Cardup, Wungong, Hilbert, Oakford, Oldbury

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Dental clinic
As part of preventive health care, regular Byford’s dental examination is the critical part. Besides protecting oral health, regular dental check-ups are a must for physical health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

A dental emergency is something that you can never guess. At times, you never know if the pain in your tooth is something that you can call an emergency? In case you are located in Byford, there is no need to worry; we are always available to guide and help you.

A root canal saves the disturbed tooth by cleaning the pulp and moulding the canal, i.e., reshaping. The root canal is a boon for the Byford dentists dentist’s patients to smile openly, without getting self-conscious, thus saving the tooth. The root canal therapy takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes, with 2 dental visits. In the worst and complex cases, the treatment continues for about 90 minutes to 1 hour. 

Restoring the tooth that is damaged from decay and regaining its normal functioning and shape is called filling. On a visit to the Byford’s dentist:
  • The dentist removes the decayed part.
  • Cleans the affected part
  • Fills the cleaned part with the necessary filling material (like gold, porcelain, amalgam, resin, etc.)
By doing so, one can avoid future bacterial infection and further tooth decay. 

Do you know some dentists specifically work as Pediatric dentists? A children’s dentist has qualifications and training to care about a child’s dental health. A pediatric dentist from Byford looks after the child’s oral health.  


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that covers tooth alignment and dental improvement. With the help of orthodontic treatments, people can solve a number of dental problems while also improving their smiles. 

Invisible Aligners

Clear Aligners is a clear alternative to traditional metal braces, and it’s always been one of the most requested orthodontic treatments.  Unlike traditional braces, however, which are visible to the eye, Clear Aligners are almost invisible, making them an excellent choice for adults and teenagers who want a more subtle, less noticeable look.

Clear Aligners are a new technology that makes aligning teeth easy and painless. The aligners are made up of a series of plastic trays that are custom made to fit your mouth. They are removable and replaceable. While wearing an aligner, you can eat and drink normally.

Cosmetic dental surgery involves an invasive procedure that most usually employs the use of local anesthesia. It can be a comprehensive procedure and may even take a couple of sitting or more. 

The surgery’s recovery time is also slightly longer than any other dental service that you are likely to take in Byford.Cosmetic dentists not only add to teeth and gums like porcelain crowns, caps, veneers, and grafts, but they can also remove material from them to scale them, shape them, bridge them and straighten them.  

Implants provide the best support to artificial teeth because they fuse well with your jawbone. They do not slip or shift in your mouth, especially when eating, speaking, coughing, or sneezing. You don’t have to worry about any soreness, ridges, or gagging in the mouth. An added advantage is that no other teeth need grounding to keep the implant in place. 

Dental veneers are also known as porcelain or dental porcelain veneers, customized and thin like a wafer made of materials in the same colour of the tooth. It is designed to cover the frontal teeth surface and helps to enhance appearance. 

The shells get bonded on the teeth’ frontal part, changing your tooth’s shape, colour, size, and length.If you are conscious about your smile because of discoloured, misshaped on unevenly spaced teeth, then the dental veneers are your best choice—many benefits of getting this dental procedure done make this a popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

Do you have missing teeth but have no idea what you must do to cover it? Are you someone that thinks oral prosthetics like the denture is only suitable for senior citizens?

A denture is your best bet if you miss your smile and self-confidence because of your missing teeth. Anyone can choose this option, someone who has had a fall and lost a tooth, a sportsman, an accident victim, or even someone with a genetic disorder. 

Clear Aligners

Whether to get a bridge or an implant done is a common confusion among many suffering from dental issues and wanting a tooth replacement. Missed or extracted teeth come with the risk of infections, and thus there is a need to replace them with quality treatment and procedure chosen to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile. 

The doubt usually revolves around whether to choose an implant or a bridge. Here we answer it all.Whether to choose a dental bridge or a dental implant is a decision that you should make after you consult your Byford dentist. He can assist you in deciding what best fits for you. Dental bridges are an old procedure that has been taken over by dental implants. However, in most cases, dental bridges are preferred over implants as the latter is expensive and more time-consuming. 

Are you wondering what are dental crowns and why should you opt for them? If you are from Byford, your dentist might explain: Dental crowns are a cap placed on top of the damaged tooth.

It is set to cover, protect, and restore the tooth shape when filling the teeth does not solve the problem. Dental crowns can be made using porcelain, metals, ceramics, or resin. All that you need to do to increase the life of your crown is to maintain good hygiene.   

Dental hygienist

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth is essential, and regular 6-month dental check-ups can obtain this. In the rising field of dentistry, prevention is the golden rule to be followed. 

This is achieved only if you brush and floss, consume a healthy diet, use fluoridated toothpaste, and undergo a 6-month check-up, visit your reputable Byford dentist at regular intervals.  

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