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Fort Wayne Wildlife Control & Bat Removal Services

Bat Control & Animal Removal
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Every aspect of squirrels lives revolves around food. These are the foods they’re looking for, how they find them, and how their search could affect you. Varment Guard knows all about your squirrel removal needs.

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Pests that sneak onto your property can cause damage and endanger your health. Here are some examples of common wildlife pests and how to spot signs of an infestation. Trust Varment Guard for all your wildlife removal needs.

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As the temperatures get cooler, nuisance animals start getting more active as they prepare for their breeding season.

If you are hearing noises in your attic, the last thing you want to deal with is animals breeding in your home.

Some of the most common animals that get into homes as the weathe...

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🦇 Fort Wayne Bat Exclusion Deadline Approaching ❗❗

Aug 19, 2022 – Oct 31, 2022

Did you know bats in the attic are removed with bat exclusion devices, NOT with traps. Exclusion devices for bats are tubes that allow the bat to fly out but not re-enter. Its a humane bat control solution without needing to touch the bats.

Due to the nature of these devices and the climate in F...

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Bat Removal Fort Wayne

Jul 12, 2022 – Jul 1, 2023

Are you looking for bat removal in Fort Wayne Indiana?

You might be tempted to keep bats if you have them in your attic since they help to keep all kinds of bugs out. Even though they are helpful, if they stay in your attic they might start to bother you. For instance, they may cause infestation...

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Fort Wayne Wildlife Removal

Jun 14, 2022 – Jun 1, 2023

Are you looking for wildlife removal services in Fort Wayne, IN?

The first thought that comes to mind when a person discovers an animal has invaded their home is cleanliness. Although cleanliness may play a role in why an animal has entered your home, it is rarely the cause. An animal may seek r...

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Looking for Fort Wayne bat removal?

Read Our 5 Bat Myths That You Will Never Believe!

1) Vampire Bats Will Suck Your Blood At Night

Only one bat species out of 1,200 eats blood as its primary food source. Although the vampire bat can be found throughout Mexico and South America, it only feeds ...

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How do animals get into attics and homes?

Nuisance animals can enter your home through a variety of entry points. Soffits, gable vents, roof returns, pipe stacks, attic fans, any damaged areas of the structure, and common construction gaps are the most frequently used entry points for animals.

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3 months ago
With a bat infestation and a newborn baby, life does NOT get much more stressful. We searched for a bat removal company that serviced our area and with Varment Guard we found both compassion for our situation and pricing that didn't try and take advantage of our desperate situation. They were patient with our questions and helpful, and at a time like this it was exactly what we needed. They handled the bat removal with speed and professionalism and addressed the problem within minutes. We will use Varment Guard Wildlife Services for all of our future animal removal needs and highly recommended them to anyone with an animal removal need.
- Myrtle M
5 months ago
We desperately needed bat removal for a bat flying around our home. We called several bat control companies and Varment Guard was the ONLY company in Fort Wayne that was accommodating enough to come out the same day to help us. After doing an inspection, they informed us that we unfortunately have bats in the attic and this one just happened to escape and get into the house. I highly recommend them if you need a professional bat removal service.
- Anthony P
4 months ago
I was in my basement doing laundry and to my surprise, a bat flew over head and scared the living day lights out of me! I sent Varment Guard and email and thankfully they responded immediately. The person on the phone talked me through the situation, calmed me down and told me what steps to take to prevent the bat from escaping the room that it was contained in. They had an animal removal technician at my house within an hour which was fast but seemed like forever. The technician was able to humanely remove the bat and also did a home inspection to see if there were others. There was some evidence of bats in the attic but thankfully it wasn't anything alarming to keep me up worried at night and they wrote up a removal plan to put up bat exclusion devices to get them out. Thank you so so much Varment Guard Wildlife Services!
- Katie H

Wildlife Removal Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne Wildlife Control Services

Varment Guard will be with you throughout the entire wildlife removal process. We offer the expertise you need to get rid of raccoons, squirrels, and other animals quickly, from inspection through removal—and also exclusion and repair. We determine the animal on the property first, then employ humane methods to remove it and secure any weak places where other animals could enter. We can repair any damage for a full restoration. Varment Guard offices can be found near you.

Northeastern Indiana Wildlife Problems

Wildlife in Fort Wayne can be a nuisance, cause property damage, or represent a public safety risk. The city recommends against handling wildlife on your own because some of species, including as skunks, raccoons, and bats, transmit diseases.

In addition, Indiana law requires licenses for the removal of some animals. The city advises contacting animal control professionals who are familiar with local and state legislation. Varment Guard is an excellent alternative. We have a tried-and-true method of inspection, removal, and repair. The following are some examples of how to deal with some of the most prevalent nuisance wildlife in Fort Wayne.

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons can be found in Allen County's cities and rural areas. They're out hunting for food, water, and shelter in the evenings and at night. Raccoons have permanent masks and dexterous hands that enable them to open trash cans and feed sacks. They enjoy digging holes in your yard in quest of insects, and they will destroy your garden and chicken coop for a tasty feast.

Raccoons are excellent climbers, but if they see an open doorway, even if it's a pet door, they'll take the shortest route inside your home. They favor living in the attic. Once inside, they can create a nest by destroying walls, floors, and wires. They will accumulate foul-smelling feces and urine near the nest, leaving stains.

Raccoons are a common sight in Fort Wayne, according to Varment Guard experts. We handle them as follows:

Inspection: During our inspection, we look for any openings where nuisance wildlife can enter your home.

Our raccoon proof trap is used to capture trap smart raccoons. We install exclusions throughout the day because we don't want to trap an animal in your home.

The most crucial repair is to seal all entry ways into your home. Cleaning and sanitizing their restroom, repairing drywall and wires, and putting screens on vents and chimneys are some of the most common solutions. We remove away as much food and drink as we can.

Squirrel Control

In Indiana, there are several types of squirrels. The fox or gray squirrel is most likely rummaging for food in your yard on a daily basis. You might find one in your attic, ceiling, or walls.

Throughout the year, squirrels are active. They will preserve goods all year because food may be scarce during the winter months. They're storing food if they built a den in your attic. Nuts, fruits, garden products, bird eggs, grains, seeds, leaves, and bark are among the foods that squirrels enjoy. They might keep stuff in locations like your air vents and ducts, putting your family at risk of fire.

When you observe a squirrel entering your home or causing damage to outside elements such as wires, trees, or the roof, it's critical to call for assistance right once.

Inspection: Our professionals locate all areas of squirrel activity and determine how they gain access to and leave your home.

Squirrels are busy and spend the most of the day away from their nest. We can seal any holes or entrance points while we're gone. We'll employ our Critter Safe capturing device if the squirrel refuses to depart.

Repairs include replacing roof shingles, gutters, spouting, and tree and roof barriers, as well as restoring broken wires and cleaning nests. We also clear debris from the yard, fence gardens, remove bird feeders and baths, and fence gardens. Vents, chimneys, and other entry points into your home are our top priorities.

While Indiana has flying squirrels, the bat is the only flying mammal that could be a nuisance.

Bat Removal in Fort Wayne

Because bats are so beneficial to the environment, they are a protected species. Bats are protected by legislation, especially during the maternity season between Spring and Fall. Indiana is home to at least thirteen different bat species. The majority of them reside in caves and trees in rural Allen County and across the state. The big and little brown bats, on the other hand, will roost in man-made structures on your property, such as your attic, eave, or the ceilings of barns and sheds. You will have an insect problem if you have a bat problem.

Every night, bats consume tens of thousands of insects. They roost upside down from boards or beams after they have eaten. They also defecate upside down. Bat guano accumulates beneath them as a result of eating so many bugs. Molds can grow in guano and cause respiratory issues in humans if they are inhaled.

The chemicals in bat guano cause wood and metal to corrode, making your artificial building unstable. However, never attempt to remove a bat on your own. Some of these could be diseases, and if they feel threatened, they may respond aggressively. Your bat problem can be solved.

Bats can fit through a 14-inch crack. Our goal is to find all possible entry points for a bat into your home or building. All food and water supplies, as well as areas that attract insects, are also located.

Removal: One-way bat valves precisely sized for the cracks and holes in your home or construction are frequently used. They allow bats to fly out but prohibit them from returning because to the cone shape.

Cleaning bat guano and sanitizing the roosting space is the first step in the repair. Then we seal all holes and cracks that a bat could squeeze permanently. We collaborate with you to remove food and water insects that attract bats from your property. Outdoor pole lights, livestock manure, and stagnant water in small ponds or backyard birdbaths are all examples of pollutants.

Crows and bats share a few characteristics, one of which is that their feces can grow mold, which can cause histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease, if inhaled. According to the Indiana DNR, West Nile virus has been discovered in some crows.

Snake Removal

There are 32 snake species found in Indiana.

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Only four of them are toxic. You have another animal pest concern in your home if you have a snake. Snakes usually seek food when they enter a home. Snakes may enter your home to investigate, shed their skin, or find a safe haven. The best technique to get rid of a snake is to eliminate its food source.

Snake skins, snake droppings, odor, and other aspects of the snake are all examined.

Live traps and direct capture are both effective strategies for capturing and removing animals. The majority of non-venomous snakes are protected. Snakes are less likely to enter your home if prey species are removed and potential entry holes are sealed.

Controlling Opossums

Opossums are a nuisance rather than a serious threat. They can eat almost anything and are common in urban and suburban areas. Opossums will make dens in attics, crawlspaces, and beneath sheds and porches.

Live trapping is used as a method of control. Securing food sources such as pet food and rubbish. Preventing access to attics and crawl spaces by sealing entry points. Opossums can't use decks and sheds as dens because there's fencing around them.

Animal Removal Solutions

It may be tempting to try to remove a nuisance animal on your own, but this is a risky proposition. Wildlife control specialists are ideal for the job since they:

  • All animals must be removed.
  • Ensure that your equipment is both safe and humane.
  • Can instruct you on how to avoid future wildlife concerns.

Wildlife Control in Fort Wayne: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common wildlife problems that homeowners in Fort Wayne, IN face?

In their attics bats, squirrels and raccoons.

In Fort Wayne, IN , how do the seasons influence wildlife activity?

Winter brings a reduction in activity and a reduction in heat. Business as usual for the rest of the time.

Do you got any preventative advice for  Fort Wayne homeowners ?

Home inspections should be done on a regular basis.

When is it appropriate for homeowners to call Varment Guard?

The first noise in the home occurs as soon as they see it.

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Our entire staff is knowledgeable, trustworthy, resourceful, and passionate about preventing and solving wildlife pest concerns for our clients.We take quality very seriously at Varment Guard. Quality service is not simply managing your nuisance animal issue. It includes everything from your first phone call to our customer service department, the survey of your property, the actual service performed by the technician, and any follow up needed. Furthermore, we maintain detailed service reports and documentation all of which is available to you via your own customer portal.Varment Guard continually trains its employees to give high quality services to our customers, and develop a spirit of teamwork. We are committed to our customers’ needs and to our employees’ personal success.

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