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Professional residential & commercial window cleaning service in business since 2013.
Interior & exterior window cleaning
Residential Window Cleaning Service is selected from the following : A) "Five Star Cleaning" (includes glass, tracks, sills, frames, locks, screens, and any woodwork around windows) ... B) "Super Cleaning" (includes glass, sills, frames, locks) and C) ... "General Cleaning" (includes glass & sills).
Glass & mirror cleaning
Windows They Shine cleans glass & mirrors for 10 popular hair salons (Hair Cuttery). Selecting this service in a residential setting equates to the cleaning of any hanging glass, mirrors, vanities, fireplace glass, changing room glass, dividers, etc.
Window washing
Window Cleaning services : 1) Screen cleaning 2) Track cleaning 3) Sill cleaning 4) Frame & lock cleaning 5) Window cleaning... Clients can mix and match services to suit their needs - given the Five Star , Super Clean, and General Clean packages already offered by Windows They Shine.
Solar panel cleaning
Solar panels are charged as piecework. Variables include : panel location, how long since last cleaning, roof complexity (or simplicity) , odd angles & pitch of roof , ability to work from the ground , PPM of water supply, & location of water source.
Water fed pole cleaning
Windows They Shine can clean solar panels, high residential windows, and up to 4 story commercial work, with water fed pole technology. A 45' carbon fiber pole and resin based filtration are brought to the job site which makes water pure (0 ppm)(de-ionized). Pure water dries on glass spotlessly.
Commercial & Residential
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