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Urgent Pet Prescott
Urgent Pet Prescott (UPP) is dedicated to companion animal urgent care services. We are locally owned, operated, and dedicated to your pet's urgent medical needs. We provide walk-in care; please feel free to call our team to determine if urgent care is best for your pet.
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Wheelchair accessible entrance · Wheelchair accessible parking lot · Wheelchair accessible restroom ·
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408 W Goodwin St, Prescott, AZ 86303, United States
Pet Urgent Care
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Allison Alexander
4 days ago
My pup was neutered and had complications. We were unable to get him into our regular vet and they recommended here. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. Both techs I encountered were wonderful. Liam and Kelsey were kind, understanding, and took the time to actually see us, not just check us in. They continued to check on us, apologize for the wait due to an emergency, and overall kept my dog and I comfortable. We were in and out in about an hour, which was nothing considering the emergency that delayed us. Dr Frost made sure to explain everything to me (making sure I understood) and reassured me with what to expect/watch for. The facility was spotless and as comfortable as my own living room. The best part was my dog was encouraged to climb up on the couch! Highly recommend! Hope to never need their services again, but will definitely refer everyone I know.
Jenni Shaw
5 months ago
These people are THE BEST. My 18 year old cat has always been extremely aggressive with vets but the first time I brought him to Urgent Pet he was docile for the first time ever! Their kindness and professionalism is exceptional and they seem to be happy individuals who genuinely enjoy helping animals. I am SO GRATEFUL for these wonderful humans and their uniformly solid work ethic!!
Ashley Beumer
2 months ago
Took my mama dog in with all her puppies to treat her and the staff was wonderful. Service was quick and the facilities were so clean. It was my first time in and I was super impressed! Thank you!!
Leona Barstow
3 months ago
Chino Valley Animal Hospital would not see us but recommended Urgent Care. They were fantastic and they recommended Pet Eye Care in Pheonix. Urgent Care saw us twice when Chino Valley would not help us and we've been with them since 2008. Our dog had dry eye disease and Pet Eye saved the eyes from having to remove them. Thank you Urgent Care.
DIANE O'Connell
4 months ago
Totally a fear free clinic staff with people who love their job. My pup tore up his paws and they took excellent care of him. He was able to run and play on a ranch.
Jennifer Burk
2 months ago
We came to Urgent Pet Prescott at a very sad time, when our furry family member Max had come to the end of his life and we'd made that most difficult decision, that he needed euthanasia. The entire staff there that evening was extremely helpful, compassionate and understanding. I will always remember the sincere kindness and empathy they showed to all of us.
Abigail Birnbryer
8 months ago
My reactive, fearful dog managed to get a small puncture on her carpal pad that then became infected. We're traveling through the area but it was evident that she needed to see a vet that day. I called at 4:45 from an hour away and they told me to come in even though they close at 7, they would be sure to get her in and taken care of. She cowered at the door and the staff knew immediately to be so gentle and sweet with her. I muzzled her and they brought her back to look her over and then sedated her and cleaned her wound. They were so good to my frightened dog and they made me feel at home and comfortable, had me smiling and laughing, even... Which is huge because I get stressed when my dog is stressed! It was a reasonable bill for sedation and follow up meds. My dog was really comfortable with them (drugs might've helped 😅) by the end of the visit and it meant everything to me. Thank you so much to Dr. Frost and the team at Urgent Pet Prescott. I will refer my other nomad friends with dogs to you! And I will be visiting again if needed (fingers crossed we'll have an uneventful winter stay in AZ moving forward). Overall, such a positive and comfortable visit
kimala christopherson
2 months ago
Took my very large very friendly German shepherd to Urgent Pet Prescott for an ear infection. He loved the care and attention from the Dr and the staff. His second trip there he was even more excited to go back! That's quite the compliment! 😉
a month ago
I cannot say enough good about everyone working there, I had gone to another vet who diagnosed my dog with a tumor gave me cancer information and scheduled him for surgery, I came to Urgent Pet Prescott because it was getting worse, they were so kind and got us in and checked out as soon as they could, they were very knowledgeable and it turned out he had a foxtail stuck in his neck and infected, they were able to remove it and clean up his wound right then and there and they also gave me so much peace of mind that he is going to be ok. I will be going back if something comes again with either of my dogs
Jen Pino
10 months ago
Dr. Frost and her team were caring and compassionate when we had to take our sweet pit bull in. They never pressured, were open about the cost and showed loving care to our boy. I could not recommend them highly enough, and would not hesitate to bring our dogs back. Thank you Dr. Frost!
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