Umami Curry
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Umami Curry
Japanese curry
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11701 San Jose Boulevard #23, Jacksonville, Florida 32223, United States
Google Reviews
105 reviews
Caitlin Nowak
3 days ago
Awesome Japanese curry! Recipes crafted with time and care by a chef and team that love what they are doing. Definitely a must try for those who have never had Japanese style curry and those who love Japanese cuisine. Their braised beef is so tender and delicious. A great comfort food option that is different than anything else in the Jacksonville area! Can't wait to see what they continue to do with their menu. 🍛❤
Chris Martin
2 weeks ago
So we have been here many many times since my first review around 3 months ago and it was definitely some of the best sushi and hibachi. With their new curry adventures we were worried at first. However, after that first bite we knew we still could go here and it still be our favorite spot to eat. The new curry is absolutely amazing. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. It will definitely be something you haven’t tried anywhere else in the Jacksonville area and something you will not soon forget. The flavors are out of this world and better than we imagined they’d be. If you haven’t tried their new curry yet, you’re missing out and need to now. Original review: “First time going and we will definitely be back. Amazing food, cute environment, and reasonable prices. Definitely worth checking it out.”
Anna Heise
2 weeks ago
The first and only Japanese Curry restaurant in Jacksonville. Don't think Indian or Thai Curry. This flavor profile stands on it own with suddle flavors that tease your taste buds. You can choose between rice or noodles. Start with the Pot Stickers and Edamame You will not be dissatisfied.
Taylor Walker
2 months ago
My husband and I went to Umami for lunch today and it was great! We got the sashimi app and I ate it too fast to get a pic cause it was so good but we got hibachi bowls and a sushi roll and they were so flavorful. We’re definitely coming back the service was fast and great quality.
Leonard Schonfeld
a month ago
Have eaten here now four times for both lunch and dinner. Food is authentic, fresh, and absolutely delicious. Staff is always very accommodating and friendly. It’s fast and a very good value as well. I can’t say enough good things and would highly recommend to anyone.
Cat Hicks
a week ago
I saw on social media about this restaurant being one of the first exclusive restaurants dedicated to Japanese curry and I had to come! Everything was fantastic! The first initial taste of the curry felt bland at first but what really gives it the flavor and makes it all come to the life are the additional flavors from the ingredients inputted on them. I had the Braised beef with Udon and I did not leave a single drop. The Beef was so tender! Our experience was great minus it seems there was only one server there working that night but I hope it’s because we came on a slow Wednesday night. Overall still the food is what makes this place the “must try” in Jacksonville. I am fascinated that new, bold and unique restaurants are coming into Jax.
Vanessa C S
a week ago
Delicious food! Nice environment and great service! Server was really friendly!!! Definitely, our favorite sushi place.
Igor Vieira
a month ago
We love umami. The tuna sushi tacos were incredible! They also have sushi cakes which omg are to die for and great deal. Highly recommended!
Connor Brock
a month ago
The Tuna Tacos are delicious. We order them every time we go. Their sushi is always fresh and delicious. Highly recommend them, the service is always fast and friendly husband/wife team. Highly recommend them if your looking for sushi!
Ryan Michael
a week ago
I'm no expert but I like curry a lot and this place nails it. I'll definitely be coming back, I'm praying this place becomes popular.
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