Umami Curry
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Umami Curry
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a month ago
It was a genius move by the owners to make this place specialize in Japanese curry! They truly mastered several classic dishes and the flavors are amazing. The curry itself tasted a tad sweeter than what you get from a typical curry cube, but everything was still delicious. When you do just one thing extremely well, it's all you really need. Staff were friendly, food came out fast. I'd definitely come back.
Sinlam L
a month ago
Omg this place is so delicious!! This place is hidden in a plaza that not many people will notice BUT the food is absolutely amazing! Order Takoyaki as our appetizer which is the best in Jax. I ordered hamburg curry and my boyfriend ordered braised beef curry they are superb! The only thing to complain is their table is not too stable and the location is a bit far from us. But definitely will be back it’s best Japanese curry in town!
Anastasiya Sudnik
2 months ago
First Japanese curry restaurant opened in Jacksonville. One of the must try restaurants,in my opinion. The environment is very peaceful and welcoming. The staff are friendly and helpful. I had the Japanese curry ramen and it was delicious.
Taylor Walker
5 months ago
My husband and I went to Umami for lunch today and it was great! We got the sashimi app and I ate it too fast to get a pic cause it was so good but we got hibachi bowls and a sushi roll and they were so flavorful. We’re definitely coming back the service was fast and great quality.
Teresa Pham
3 weeks ago
I’m glad this is one of the only places in jax and southeast Florida that makes Japanese Curry! We met both the owners who are husband and wife and are the only people who run the place. Through our night, we learned that they are Indonesian but wanted to bring a new cuisine to Jacksonville so decided to open Umami Curry. Not only did they come by our table to ask how the food was but they were kind and were accommodating. This place is small but there is a sense of familiarity and comfort when coming by here. Not included in the menu pictured below, they have okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes $5). I ordered the pork katsu curry rice which was divine. The mom informed us that there are about 5 levels of spiciness and level 1 was mild, level 2 was spicy. We decided on spicy and oh boy, the flavor kicked. The crispy Katsu chicken melted into the curry and although it was a lot more spicy than expected, it was nonetheless delicious. The fresh greens and veggies cooled down the hot dish. I throughly enjoyed it but if you think you can’t handle spice, stick to level 1. The place is beautiful, the mom and pop restaurant simply made my experience 10x better. I hope to come back soon!
Mike Von Balson
2 weeks ago
Tried the Pork Katsu curry rice last visit. Just enough heat to break a sweat on my head, which I love. Great flavor.
Chris Martin (Anticlock94)
3 months ago
So we have been here many many times since my first review around 3 months ago and it was definitely some of the best sushi and hibachi. With their new curry adventures we were worried at first. However, after that first bite we knew we still could go here and it still be our favorite spot to eat. The new curry is absolutely amazing. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. It will definitely be something you haven’t tried anywhere else in the Jacksonville area and something you will not soon forget. The flavors are out of this world and better than we imagined they’d be. If you haven’t tried their new curry yet, you’re missing out and need to now. Original review: “First time going and we will definitely be back. Amazing food, cute environment, and reasonable prices. Definitely worth checking it out.”
Igor Vieira
4 months ago
We love umami. The tuna sushi tacos were incredible! They also have sushi cakes which omg are to die for and great deal. Highly recommended!
Anna Heise
3 months ago
The first and only Japanese Curry restaurant in Jacksonville. Don't think Indian or Thai Curry. This flavor profile stands on it own with suddle flavors that tease your taste buds. You can choose between rice or noodles. Start with the Pot Stickers and Edamame You will not be dissatisfied.
Carlos Lewis
a month ago
This was a pleasant surprise tucked away. It is a cozy trendy stop. The menu had just changed the day that we were there. The counter person was great with suggestions. The cook had made a fabulous coconut milk curry ice cream with dried ginger topping that wasn't on the menu, it was FABULOUS! They need to add this. They had some nice two top tables outside that we enjoyed the fall day in the sun . We will return.
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