Umami Curry
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Umami Curry
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7 months ago
It was a genius move by the owners to make this place specialize in Japanese curry! They truly mastered several classic dishes and the flavors are amazing. The curry itself tasted a tad sweeter than what you get from a typical curry cube, but everything was still delicious. When you do just one thing extremely well, it's all you really need. Staff were friendly, food came out fast. I'd definitely come back.
Bruce Lee
2 months ago
Passed by this place a bunch of times and finally got around to trying it out. We ordered a delicious peach sake that was refreshing and relatively low alcohol. My wife and I weren't too hungry so we opted for a few appetizers and to split a bowl of Curry. The first to arrive were the blistered shishito peppers which I've had before and make at home but not like this. The peppers had a sweet and savory seasoning, maybe a house togarashi, that made this simple dish very interesting and delicious along with the fine chili threads that added color and a touch of flavor. The tempura shrimp were the next to arrive, piping hot! The shrimp were sweet and juicy inside the crunchy coating and were excellent. Finally the takoyaki arrived emanating the unmistakable odor of bonito flakes. The takoyaki were molten inside and had to cool a few minutes before we were able to eat them. Once the wait was over I was delighted by the large pieces of octopus inside that were not overly chewy and a well seasoned batter. Probably the best takoyaki I've had outside of Japan, definitely the best I've had in JAX. The waitress brought our curry and two plates so we could share it. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of the curry, it was quite floral (we had the Umami Curry) and different from other Japanese curry I've had. The beef was tender and had a nice crust but I wished the pieces had been a bit smaller only because I couldn't cut it in half without losing the crust. The curry had a nice spiciness but it wasn't hot to the point that it made me sweat...just the right amount of heat. It was velvety and blended well with the rice making a nice coating over the grains. I am excited to return to try some of the other offerings!
Khuyen A Tran
3 months ago
Saturday afternoon 415pm right after they re-open for the day. Not busy. Place is very clean, ambient was spot on for a Japan ramen shop. We ordered Curry Ramen and Curry Udon. Both have Braise Beef which was 12hr cooked and excellent. The curry sauce is spot on Japan Brown Curry sauce, similar taste to Golden Curry or dare I say even CoCo curries if anyone understand the references. I did asked for Katsu Pork added on and scallions, however I was slightly disappointed that it was partially soaked into the bowl, and I pointed that out to server because that take away the crunchy texture of what was very well made Pork Katsu, soft and juicy inside but crunchy outside. I tasted my friend ramen noodles and it was adante, perfectly cooked. My Udon was also boiled perfect. Total bill was $35, which was amazing. I would come back.
Joe Joe H
4 months ago
I had the pork katsu with red curry and the Okonomiyaki and boy were they delicious! Japanese curry is just on a whole different level. Portions were good and the price was decent! I will definitely be back again to try other things on the menu.
Kevin Poon
2 months ago
Awesome little restaurant with the best Japanese curry I've found in jax. Staff are very friendly and attentive too. This is the place to try Japanese curry if you've never had it before. They also have some interesting daily specials. Pictured is the softshell crab curry.
Marshall G
5 months ago
We just visited this restaurant for the first time yesterday and were very pleased. They were a little short-staffed, but there's a sign at the front indicating that fact and I can't in good faith fault them for that given our nation's current pandemic. We started with a very lovely cloudy Nigori sake. Just a little sweetness but such a nice smooth flavor. I also ordered the chicken gyoza as an appetizer. I was very impressed with the flavor on this but the portion of just 2 as an appetizer was a little disappointing. Finally, the entree was a Japanese beef curry rice and that rice was sticky like it should be. Quite a perfect addition to the brisket and curry sauce along with some potato pieces lumped in this delicious bowl. I would totally order again. My girlfriend ended up getting the curry udon bowl and she was very happy with the flavoring there as well. I will definitely consider this place again for future meals.
Heather Brushwood
4 months ago
Awesome place! Loved it. I tried the Chicken Katsu Sando and Umami Curry with Beef Katsu. Such good flavor and perfect amount of spice. Will come back again soon.
Sinlam L
7 months ago
Omg this place is so delicious!! This place is hidden in a plaza that not many people will notice BUT the food is absolutely amazing! Order Takoyaki as our appetizer which is the best in Jax. I ordered hamburg curry and my boyfriend ordered braised beef curry they are superb! The only thing to complain is their table is not too stable and the location is a bit far from us. But definitely will be back it’s best Japanese curry in town!
Joy S.
a month ago
I used to like this place. I noticed the quality has gone down. They got cheap on the chicken, super thinly sliced, especially today. It was barely any meat, tough batter. I really don’t like posting negative reviews for local businesses but I really hope y’all step your chicken katsu game back up, please!
Nia Marroquin
5 months ago
Came to dinner with the family and dined in. There were alot of people also dinning in and picking up, they were hustling to fulfill everyone's order in a timely fashion. It is a small dining area. There is also a sign in the front that let's you know they are short staffed and asking that guest be patient with any delays. We were seated right away and are drink order was taken quickly. On top of the YES meal we ordered a Ebi appetizer (shrimp), beef rice curry, Udon beef curry bowl , another order of the katsu chicken rice curry bowl, and two orders of the Japanese cheesecake with strawberry compote. The food came out fresh and temperature hot and arrived one item at a time without much delay. The beef was extremely tender and flavorful. My daughter's friend who was with us had the Udon beef curry bowl. This was her first time having Japanese style curry and wasn't a fan. The Udon dish looked tasty. The chicken katsu dishes were a bit different than we have had in the past bit provided a lot of flavor. Everyone's favorite of the night was the Japanese cheesecake with the strawberry compote, sweet but not overly sweet, the strawberry compote paired nicely with the cubes of cheesecake.
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