UCAN English Tutoring - OET, PTE and IELTS
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UCAN English Tutoring - OET, PTE and IELTS
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Revathi Shan
3 months ago
The coaching class for IELTS I attended was a valuable experience overall. Here's a detailed review: 1. Instruction Quality: The instructor was highly knowledgeable about the IELTS exam format and provided effective strategies for each section.He offered insights into common pitfalls and tips for maximizing scores. 2. Study Materials: The coaching class provided comprehensive study materials, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides tailored to the IELTS exam. These resources were instrumental in familiarizing myself with the exam structure and content. 3. Personalized Feedback: I appreciated the personalized feedback on practice tests and assignments. The instructor took the time to identify my strengths and weaknesses, offering targeted guidance to improve my performance. 4.Success Rate: The coaching class had a proven track record of success, with many previous students achieving their target scores on IELTS exam. 5.Cost-effectiveness: While the cost of the coaching class was significant, it was justified by the quality of instruction and resources offered. In conclusion, the coaching class for IELTS was an excellent investment in my academic and professional development.I would highly recommend this coaching class to anyone preparing for the IELTS test.
கன்னியாகுமரி மாவட்டம்
2 weeks ago
"Best PTE coaching ever!" - Rashid from India I enrolled in UCAN English Tutoring's PTE program online. The teacher Steve was highly knowledgeable, and the online sessions were engaging. The study materials and practice tests were very helpful. I scored 79 in my PTE exam! Thank you, UCAN English Tutoring and Mr.Steve.
aarthi Raj
2 weeks ago
I joined UCAN English Tutoring's IELTS program online. The flexible timings and Zoom meetings made it easy for me to balance my studies with work. Mr.Steve was very supportive, and the study materials were comprehensive. I scored 7.5 in my IELTS exam! Thank you, UCAN English Tutoring - Aarthi from India.
4 days ago
I'm Indhu from Kanyakumari, working as a nurse in Bangalore. I attended the reading and speaking sessions at UCAN English Tutoring, and it was a game-changer. Mr. Steve helped me significantly improve my speaking and grammar skills. His guidance and support were invaluable. Thank you so much, Mr. Steve, Your teaching methods and encouragement made a huge difference in my English proficiency. I highly recommend UCAN English Tutoring to all healthcare professionals like me. Keep up the great work😊.
simple life
2 weeks ago
"Improved my IELTS score significantly!" I joined UCAN English Tutoring's IELTS program in their offline mode in Australia. The faculty was very supportive, and the study material was comprehensive. The mock tests and feedback sessions helped me improve my score from 5.5 to 7.5! Kudos to the team!"
Aruna Jagtap
a month ago
Today I attended the session for listening. The session was really beneficial and the strategies taught by Steve sir is magical. First time I ever learn so many strategies in listening. I am really very much satisfied with the way sir teach the student. Highly recommended to those who are preparing for OET exam.
Roseline Johnson
a week ago
UCAN was a perfect tutoring sessions provided by Steve sir .It was such a great mastering effort by him and we can also learn a lot if we have any queries without any hesitation .I assure u if you are taking OET classes please contact him definitely you will be scoring the best 🔥✨👍💯
Simranjit Kaur
a week ago
I am sharing my experience by getting coaching from Mr. Steve…He taught me with very useful and wonderful strategies to crack the Pte exam and I am very thankful to Steve for all his efforts. I passed this exam by getting 2 days classes from him. If anybody want highest marks in Pte contact him. Thank you again ☺️
a week ago
I'm Indirako from Tamilnadu. I had a great experience with OET! My tutor, Mr. Steve, was fantastic and helped me prepare well. The test was well-organized, and the examiners were friendly. I was able to showcase my skills effectively. The results were quick and accurate. Thanks, Mr. Steve, for your guidance! I highly recommend OET to all healthcare professionals. Good job, UCAN English Tutoring.
Francis Castro
4 days ago
Steve is a very good english tutor to improve your English communication skills. I highly recommend him to anyone looking forward to enhance their Spoken and written skills to the next level.
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