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The Newtown Clinic
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Rumman Hossain
3 days ago
I had a wonderful experience at"The Newtown Clinic". The service was exceptional, and the staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort. The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere made my visits enjoyable and relaxing. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch care!
Ajoy Biswas
a week ago
The clinic maintained a clean and welcoming environment. The staff was professional, friendly, and always willing to answer any questions. Appointments were scheduled promptly. I highly recommend The Newtown clinic for anyone in need of medical clinic . Their exceptional care and expertise greatly contributed to my recovery.
Jyeeta Bose
a month ago
Best services provided here.. Very coporative stuff.. Dr Nidhi Jindal, one of the best dermatologist in the town..
Ankita Das
3 weeks ago
The doctors are good here but the receptionist are inefficient. The receptionist are busy in there own chatting within themselves. Seems like thier job over there is not clear to them. We pay for the services but they will first complete their chatting and then they will answer your query. I even faced a situation where I had to correct my bill twice because they have printed inaccurate information on the bill. The management really needs to take care of the receptionist part, rest all are good.
Shahnawaz Alam
a month ago
I have been going here with my family for the last 2 years. The doctors here are very good because of which this clinic is running. I want to ask the management one thing. You people say first come first serve, then why the drama of appointment? The person who reaches with an appointment should be allowed to see the doctor, but the drama here with you people is that if someone reaches without an appointment, then you first show him, and if someone has come in an emergency to show his report, then he will have to sit and wait. What kind of policy is this? Please change this policy. If he has come after making an appointment, then he has the right to see the doctor first, not if someone reaches first without an appointment, then he should be seen first and the patient should be given convenience to show the report, no one can wait for 1 hour to show the report. Because all this reason i have left visiting this clinic.
a week ago
No comments on the Doctors. The staff are highly ineffective and lack clarity of roles resulting in harrasment of patients. During some clinical test, we told that they have taken the required samples and we left for home . Within 30mins we were told over phone to return as they missed certain test and we had to drive back 15kms to the clinic. They even charge patients to consult doctor with report with after 7 days.
Sreeharsha Paruchuri
2 weeks ago
My results from consulting Dr. Nidhi Jindal and undergoing prescribed treatment for over a month regarding facial acne (grade 4) have been poor. Additionally, I underwent expensive dermatological procedures (on top of using expensive topical and oral treatments) at the doctors advise which has not worked out and is repudiated by the dermatologist that I now consult. I initally consulted her to get a facial salicylic acid chemical peel done but over the course of the one month I consulted with her she made me get the following tests/procedures done: 1) Blood Test (6.7k, she didn't look at most of the results, just wanted to see my LFT - i specifically asked her which test result she's interested in - and prescribed me the medicine, isotretinoin, anyway. ) 2) Vitamin C peel 3) Comedone Extraction 4) Double peel (Yellow peel) for the face (procedures 2,3,4 costed me 12k) 5) PRP for the skin (10k) Even though I did my research before committing to any procedure, at the end of the day, I had to believe that what the doctor said is in my best interest but looking back after waiting a month post the last treatment, it's hard to see if any of the money I spent here made a positive impact on my condition. Additionally, the dermatologist I am currently consulting told me that the procedures I got done were not ideal for my case and I have sunk a lot of money into something that I should not expect brilliant results from. Lastly, regarding my experience at the clinic in general: If I would have an appointment at 9:30, I would be there by 9:20 along with other patients who have to see the same doctor at "9:30". The doctor themselves would arrive late and then take patients on a first-come-first-serve basis so it was almost always impossible to predict how long I would spend waiting for my turn. It does get noisy in the clinic lobby and I would say that the staff aren't the most professional but I wouldn't call their behaviour "rude". All in all, the only treatment I found effective was the isotretinoin capsules that she put me on, however, she told me to take the 24mg dose (which is insanely high) which had drastic side effects on my body which impacted my day to day functioning. The doctor I now consult told me that for no matter what level of acne a person has, such a high dosage is pernicious to ones health.
Riki Saha
a month ago
Very good clinic with an efficient front desk. My entire process from taking an appointment to doctor visit was really smooth. The best part was you will get always a follow up call as reminder to your appointment so there is no chance of skipping your visit.
nitu sharma
a week ago
We have been visiting Newtown clinic regularly and the service has been of top quality from the staff. We would like to mention Tithi who has been very good at her work and looks after the patients with utmost care.
Chelsia Jasmine
3 months ago
Worst staff, morning shift receptionist failed to cater and manage timings for patients. I have been with this clinic since 5 years, visited for 2 pregnancies and almost my whole family visits this clinic, buy only constraint was doctor's late visit. Nurses in evening time are far better than night staff. I booked for USG, on the way to the clinic, I got the call n was informed to come by 15 minutes, but once I visited, they denied my appointment though I book prior. I came from a very far place with 1 year old baby. They are extremely unethical. Will never recommend to any friends and family or I will never going to visit again. Male Receptionist is an educated fool, better you hire someone have brains. He is indeed saying u should come first and wait for doctor although there are 2 patients yet to get scanned. He is the rudest receptionist. WORST WORST WORST. Never going to visit and never allow someone I visit.
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