The Katmint Learning Initiative
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The Katmint Learning Initiative
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Rosemary Moya
10 months ago
My girls have been attending The Katmint for i think almost two years and boy this place is like their second home. From the staff to the parents, such an amazing community. The stuff takes good care and is very attentive to the kids. The directors really care for the family and provide excellent service. My girls love going to school everyday. 😊 thank you Katmint for everything you do!
L. D.
a year ago
My now 7 year old attended Katmint and my 2 year old goes there. I love this preschool so much! The vision of the school, the programs offered and (especially) the teachers are so amazing!! I wouldn’t want to send my kids anywhere else in Brooklyn!
Reginald Polynice
6 years ago
We were among the 1st families welcomed to the Katmint family. Our daughter spent 3 amazing years there. The intimate care given to her by each and every staff member can not be quantified. While there were a few growing pains we always had a platform to discuss concerns and our goals for our daughter which were well met. The programs and offerings are extremely well thought out and diverse, the children are exposed to a plethora of activities ranging from crafts, field trips, yoga, and even Dj-ing to name a few. The Katmint is not a daycare or school its a community oriented family filled with amazing children and a staff that has left a tremendously positive impact on our daughter. Thank You Katmint!
Lucey Cummins
6 years ago
Our son attended Katmint from age 22 months to 3.5 years. He loved it and so did we!! I never had a doubt that my son wasn't being cared for exceptionally well. He was always seen as an individual, not a number. He was potty-trained there, he learned to express himself and his feelings there, he learned to identify all the letters of the alphabet there, he learned to write his name there, he learned to read site words there, he learned to share and to take responsibility for his behavior there. I wish I could say that I taught him these things myself, but I give the Katmint staff all the credit. From yoga, to gardening, to music, to capoeira, to science, to drama and dance... He had the most well-rounded learning experience. Our family loves and misses the Katmint dearly. Now that our son has started pre-k, I fear that nothing will live up to our high expectations of what early childhood education should be. The Katmint is a small business, and has its glitches like any other. But my son was loved and a part of a diverse, genuine community, and that's what matters most. I would reccomended the Katmint to anyone!
De-lea Deane
6 years ago
I LOVE the Katmint! My daughter attended two other daycares before I found the Katmint and I found the perfect match for me and my family. Why do I love the Katmint: 1) The teachers/adminstrators are patient, energetic, and full of love. My daughter loves her teachers and whenever I see the teachers/staff interacting with her or others, I feel so affirmed in my decision to move her to the Katmint. They always greet her with a hug, treat her with dignity, are responsive to her needs, and see every moment as a learning opportunity. 2) Constant Learning: My 2.5 year old daughter loves school and often re-enacts circle time, story time, and "show and tell." She is exposed to extra curricular activities (yoga, music, gardening, capoeira,etc), l they go on "trips" around the neighborhood, she earns numbers and shapes in spanish, and there are regular meeting with parents to review progress and learning. Even while students are waiting for pick up, they are teaching songs that reinforce learning. 3) They authentically value parents and their role. They welcome parents to visit any Friday (on parent participation Fridays) and even had the students send me a thank you card and the director/staff genuinely listen and respond to feedback. Whenever I pick up Alaila, the teachers are eager to share how Alaila's day went and keep me up to speed.
Amerigo Rossi
6 years ago
Both of our kids have gone to katmint. The staff are all incredibly sweet and knowledgeable and the administration is always keeping you up to date with what's going on. Our family loves this place!
George Kottas
6 years ago
Both our children attend Katmint and we have been so grateful for the nurturing environment, loving teachers, great programming, and affordability.
Bahar Yapman
a year ago
We love them, I think they are the best! We are always happy to see them. Very warm and sweet people and they have a very nice space.
Natty S.
10 years ago
Excellent place Andre and his staff are the nicest people you'll ever meet. My son loves it here.
Yael Magnes
8 years ago
We are so Lucky to have you guys!!!!!!!
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