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Strauss Skates and Bicycles
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April Kaiser
a year ago
Great experience both times I've been there. Very friendly and helpful! It feels very comfortable and they make you feel at home. Has a nice family vibe going on. They have a friendly dog that's always there. I just returned skates that my daughter will never wear, and I bought months ago, as an impulse buy, but regretted immediately afterwards, but never got around to returning. I didn't even have the receipt anymore, and they still let me return them! No problem. Even gave me cash. I expected maybe in-store credit or that I would have to have the receipt. Pleasantly surprised. Much appreciated!!
Blake Upmeyer
4 months ago
Came up from Iowa, and took my 9yo boy in to check out hockey gear. Friendly staff and cool place! The ol’ man of the house checked on us, then pointed out the stick section. Son loved testing out some twigs! Will be back!
Tim Wilson
7 months ago
Visited Saint Paul for a couple days and out of a recommendation from Facebook I visited Strauss. Bill and crew took very good care of me, even shipped my stuff home. (Ps excuse the house I'm remodeling) (you can't unpack bubble wrap without popping a few)
Zachary Birdsall
3 months ago
I went to buy a pair of Rollerblades and the whole experience was very pleasant. They measured my feet to get the correct size and now I have a new pair of Rollerblades and going to get more exercise. Thank you!
chris zellmer
3 years ago
These folks are awesome! Everytime I have ever needed help with a bike repair, or buying gear, Strauss has always stepped up. The repair department is super fast and very inexpensive. Got me up and running again with a cassette swap on my 24 year old bike. Love these guys!
8 months ago
Just moved to the east side, and needed some gear. I always look to buy from local small business if I can. Went to Strauss to get gloves and shin pads. Asked if they had any size 13.5 gloves, guy there said "they don't make them," which I found interesting since I was currently wearing size 13.5 gloves. I walked around looking at gloves for 15 minutes, and no one asked me if I needed help. Mind you, they had like 8-10 people working that week day in the store, but they all seemed too busy talking with other employees and what seemed to be vendors. I finally asked someone for help, he talked to me for 2 minutes and moved on. I had to get gloves that day, so I found them on my own. Started looking at shin pads, couldn't get anyone to help me, so I bought the gloves and left. Looked online later that day and the gloves I bought were priced for less on their website, yet they sold them to me at the higher price in the store. I went to Pure Hockey later that week for the shin guards. A woman there answered all of my questions, walked me around, showed me the options, gave me some perspective. Just went back to Pure Hockey this past week for a new stick, full shield, and some accessories. Once again, the guy there walked me around, answered my questions, showed me options, gave me perspective. The service I expected to get from a local, smaller shop I received at the larger chain store. I can't believe how poor my experience was at Strauss. Whether I'm buying sporting goods, hardware, music gear, whatever, I always start with the local shops to support them and to get what I assume will be better service. Will never go back to Strauss. Shared my experience with guys I skate with, most of them said the same thing about Strauss. What a disappointment.
Robbie Robbie
7 months ago
The only place I’ll go for a sharpening from now on. I moved here recently and had some cheap Bauers I bought for $70 from a used sporting goods store. I wanted some better skates so I bought some mid-tier new Bauer skates from a known chain of hockey stores where they said they sharpened the skates. The skates were not sharpened. I brought them to a store in Saint Paul that is supposed to be “the best” in town. They charged a good amount of money and after two different sharpenings, the skates still were not sharp. I finally took them to Strauss and upon quick inspection I was told the inside edges were not sharp (one skate was sort of okay). 10 minutes later my skates were done. The guy that sharpened them also gave me a tip to note my boots all the way to the top until I break in the skates a little more. I took them to an open skate that same day for a quick test and it was a huge improvement! I got about 8 hours of skate time out of them this weekend so I just got back from sharpening them today and they feel perfect. Strauss is the best. Taking your skates anywhere else for a sharpening is a waste of your time and money.
Emily Iannazzo
a year ago
Incredible customer service! It's clear that staff and owners really care about the sport and players as a priority, and that they want to be sure you walk away with what works best for your player/athlete. We have been happy customers for years through multiple kids in multiple levels of hockey, plus a mountain biker too. Amazing service and staff are what keeps us coming back!
Alexis J
a year ago
Got fitted for skates here, and wish I would have done it sooner! Super easy process, and you can’t beat a place with a shop dog. My skates are fantastic, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the service and knowledge at Strauss.
Amora Muehlbauer
11 months ago
Allen did a wonderful job helping me find figure skates that fit and work well for me today. He made sure to tell us the benefits of each different option. We will definitely be coming back in the future for sharpening and skate upgrades. 😊
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