Sakana Japanese Dining
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Sakana Japanese Dining
天然調味料を使い、体の源となる料理をお作りしています。木漏れ日のさす屋外席、ベビー、キッズシートはもちろんの事、専用レストルームも備えたバリアフリー設計。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしております。 Sakana which traditionally means sake’s best companion is now greeting you as the latest lifestyle restaurant in town that redefines your Japanese dining. Embodying the philosophy of "Friendly", "Unique" and “Refined”, this cozy oasis is perfect for any friend gatherings as well as family occasions. Strategically located at the iconic Suria KLCC, Sakana is essentially the best place to be!
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Dining options
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Sakana Japanese Dining, G11, Suria, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Google Reviews
102 reviews
Julien Lau
3 weeks ago
Saw this recommended saying that the food it serves is very authentic so had to come visit and try. The food served is on point and really does bring back memories of my trip to Japan. Whilst the menu is limited and everything looks simple, the quality for every item served is top notch. Price is on the high side (not surprising since its in KLCC) but you do get what you pay for in this case. Will definitely visit again.
Khairul Anuar Shaharudin
a month ago
Service is surprisingly fast tor a freshly made Japanese food. The waiters were attentive. Menu is by scanning QR vode but they still need to cross off checklist on the printed order which I think us redundant
Kit Teguh
a month ago
I was surprised by the value for what seems to be a pretty atas Japanese place. I was happy with the food so the price is more than justified. The beef was well cooked with good sauce, the saba was on point. The service was adequate but could be improved.
Mohd Ridzuan
2 months ago
In terms of the food served, it was inconsistent. Before the MCO, the food and drinks were excellent, but I recently tried the Japanese Curry Beef Rice again and I can’t be certain but the food served might be pre-made and reheated in the microwave, and the Ice Latte tasted strange, possibly because the milk isn't consistently refrigerated at the proper temperature, causing it to taste different and rather unpleasant compared to my previous visits. However, the service remains excellent.
Mutsumi Sakurai
10 months ago
For the price, the quantity is a bit too little, in my honest opinion. Everything was not great but not bad. The sweet potato tempura was good, but I think that’s because the sweet potato itself was good, haha! And also, they don’t charge SST...?
Anastasia Soh
6 months ago
The Best of Both Land & Sea First off, this review is on their food delivery and not dine-in. Many a times, restaurants which give dishes fancy names are rarely able to meet the expectations of the hungry diner. Today however, we have a restaurant which managed to serve beauty in a roll & fresh sushi to your mouth. Service: We placed the order via a third party app hence pretty straight forward Packaging: Nothing much to rave about with very ordinary take away boxes 7up Juicy Fried Chicken (Rm 25) Protein Sesame Chicken Salad (Rm 22) Sakana’s Nigiri (Rm 88) Classic Lucky Roll (Rm 50) Omega Roll for the Beauty (Rm 37) Taste: Traditional Japanese food rarely requires much fanfare with much emphasis placed on the freshness of the seafood and texture of the sushi in your mouth. Plating was a joy with minimal fiddling of food but presentable with a simple leaf on the plate. The crunch of garden fresh salad with the tender chicken topped with a splash of sesame dressing was refreshing. The sushi was fresh without a hint of fishiness rested on a bed of nicely cooked fragrant Japanese rice. It was like being by the beach with the handmade sushi melting in your mouth giving the diner the best of both sea & land. Though the Fried Chicken did not have much 7-Up flavour or additional sweetness, it was juicy, tender and had a hint of spiciness. Price: Fairly Reasonable Recommended? Despite dishes with fancy names, our little monk3y was left hungry for more Our full review is on Instagram @monk3yseendo
zulkhairi nasir
10 months ago
i really love the enviorment of the restaurant, it was so minimalist yet relaxing. All the waiter and waitresses very helpful, they even explain about all the meals that i ordered. I quite surprised with some ingredients which imported directly from japan but they charge with very reasonable price. I enjoy all the meals that i ordered. I could notice the freshness of the salmon fish! The Egg Pudding is my favourite dessert! The texture is so fine, it feels like it melts in my mouth! I do recommend this place to everyone. The price is reasonable, you will be surprise! @anakpaknasir
Adelien Vandeweghe
6 days ago
Wonderfully pure Japanese food, at Japanese speed and efficiency.
Desmond Wong
9 months ago
Environment is great for a small gathering for afternoon tea. They have a 2to5 menu. Any items with miso, rice, and onsen egg, you can have unlimited refill. Food taste is average and standard.
Hendrik Lammers
11 months ago
The Japanese breakfast menu I had was delicious. The salmon was fresh, well seasoned and expertly grilled. The other components of the dish were well prepared also. Good service from friendly staff. The prices seemed a little on the high side for lunch, but fair considering the high quality. Will definitely return to try other items on the menu.
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