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RAADS barbershop
Beard trim
Buzz cut
Curly hair
Fade cut
Hair shape up
Head shave
Kids' cuts
Long haircut
Razor cut
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Straight razor shave
Face waxing
Hair cut
Ear hair removal
153 reviews
2 months ago
This was my second time coming to this barber. Upon arrival, I was greeted with Raad saying, "easy money" to the gentleman in the chair. They had a chuckle and I sat down. Every other customer after me was greeted with a hello and welcome. I was 4th in line so I waited patiently. Raad engaged in conversation with each of his customers which is absolutely expected...he was polite and courteous to them. When it was my turn, he motioned for another gentleman to get in the chair. I said that I was next and they both obliged, simple mistake. When I got in the chair is when everything went wrong. I told him what I wanted and from then on, it was a rush to get me out of the chair. I had to remind him for certain services (straight razor line up around my face) which we had previously discussed. My fade is incomplete, there's still hair on face above my beard line, my beard is uneven, and this haircut looks overall incomplete. I'm not a barber but I'll do my best to clean it up. I paid $55 for this rushed and incomplete haircut. I don't mind the price for professional and complete services. Moreover, he definitely seemed to cater to the white older customers more than me for sure. My first experience of this from a person of color. I guess he didn't expect me to be able to afford my haircut. ‍ haircuts usually make me feel good and boost my confidence...this was a bad experience. If anyone reads this and can suggest a barber that cuts type 4a-c hair, please let me know. I need help. Won't support RAAD ever again. Update: As expected you don’t accept responsibility for your unprofessionalism. The haircut was incomplete. You cater to your white clients over anyone else, I’ve seen other reviews that say the same thing about you. What’s funny is that you’re a shady businessman. Good luck nonetheless, I’ll be sure to contact the better business bureau and file a complaint with the Edmonds city council!!
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