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Purified Water To Go
Purified Water To Go is a full service retail outlet selling both purified and alkaline water by the gallon, purified ice, and various water related products and services. We are able to keep our prices affordable because we do not offer delivery.

We offer a wide variety of polycarbonate, BPA free, glass, and stainless steel water bottles; dispensers such as coolers, lead-free porcelain crocks, and de-chlorinating shower filters.

Our service department offers water cooler cleaning and minor cooler repairs. We have the ability to perform RV fill-ups by appointment and we also offer emergency water storage containers.
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5401 6th Avenue #F807, Tacoma, WA 98406, United States
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Douglas Thompson
3 months ago
Fas friendly, way more affordable than any other water service in Pierce County. You just have to go get it, rather than get it delivered. I'm down with that.
PK Shepard
8 months ago
I have been shopping here since 1998 when the original owners had the store, Pete and Kathy Rivera! I also worked at this store from August 2000 until April of 2003...One of the best jobs if not the best I ever had! The new owner is amazing and his sons are absolutely wonderful...I feel like it's home again...Pete and Kathy did good selling it to this young man! I am there once a month and they they take special care of me if I need anything in the way of supplies! This month they changed the spigots on 3 of my older bottles...In no time I was in-and-out of there with 16 gallons in my 2 gallon jugs! Keeps it as clean as the original owners and just the nicest family I know how the purified water process works here and it's the best! For those who are wondering check it out great price great customer service! PK 🙆‍♀️
Garwood Cross
4 months ago
We buy a ticket worth 50 gallons and fill up 3 5 gallon jugs. Lasts us a long time and the customer service is great.
8 months ago
Great customer service, decent prices, they offer to assist with carrying your water out to your car if you need the assistance. Caps are offered if you require them for your bottles. They open at 930am, they do have a line before they open.
lacey wallace
a year ago
If you're looking for alkaline water in Tacoma this is the place to go! Plus refills!! They have bottles and jugs in all sizes and options for different materials. If you have a container you already use, they will rinse and refill it for you! There is also a lot of cool water devices and additives to peek at while in there. I used to go to purified water stations around town, this place is %100 the best!
Kimberly Haynes
11 months ago
I moved from Tacoma almost 14 years ago and I still miss this store! I actually crave this water and there’s nothing like it where I live now. The owners were great, fantastic service and the best water I’ve ever had.
Myles Moore
a year ago
PUTRIFIED WATER TO GO On the owner's recommendation, my partner bought a bottle and pump because the owner said it was much better than what we had at home. We used the pump for a week, experienced poor performance, and brought the items back to the store for a refund. The young lad on staff that day said he could only provide a cash refund for the pump. I asked that he refund the bottle also, as the items were purchased to work as a unit and the bottle wasn't compatible with the pump we already had. The creative chap countered with a water voucher of equivalent value (50 gallons worth). He handed me the voucher and I thanked him for helping work this out. Then he filled the additional bottle I brought, as well as the one I returned, put them both in my car, and wished me safe travels. "What great service," I thought, albeit a little confused about the returned bottle. Upon my next visit to the store, the owner (known as Boss hereafter) told me he wasn't going to honor the voucher, charged me with "having an attitude" toward his employee, and sentenced me to being "black listed" from the store. "I've dealt with lots of people like you," he said. "OK, Boss." It took all I had not to laugh. I had an attitude toward the young lad, you say? News to me. As demonstrated by the way Boss came at me the moment I walked in the door, he's got things to prove... things no one else really cares about. My best guess was the chump flexed on his 16 year old employee for issuing the voucher and drilled the poor sap until the only thing he could do to save his job was spin a tale about how I bullied him for his lunch money. When asked what I'm to do with the voucher, Boss offered to buy it back for half it's value. Scratching my head, I drifted into thought about how short sighted Boss is. When the lad told him he gave me a voucher, he could have just let it go on the chance that I might take it upon myself to regale potential customers with my account of unmatched customer service. Perhaps he could have explained to his employee that the water they sell for 60 cents per gallon actually costs only 2 cents per gallon to produce, so it was an excellent way to satisfy a customer at minimal cost to the company (2 cents per gallon X 50 gallons = $1. Any wise business person would gladly pay $1 for recommending their business). But, bro took the low road, shamelessly displaying how little he understands about the broader picture of his own business. Uninterested in measuring genetals with someone lacking the capacity of foresight, I sold him the voucher and moved on with life. Following the entertaining interaction, I headed off to find a new supplier. Tacoma's municipal water is reported to contain a variety of heavy metals and toxins. Of most concern to me is arsenic. I initially started going to Purified Water To Go because on the assumption their filtration system was superior to ones found at grocery stores. Upon further investigation, it turns out those grocery store filtration systems offer the same level of filtration (activated charcole, reverse osmosis, pre and post UV sterilization) at a lower price and with the convienence of being at the place I already shop on a regular basis. So, it all worked out in the end, as I no longer need to drive across town for water.
Michael Blanchard
3 months ago
Great place and great prices. Employees are informative and helpful!
Allen Greenky
a year ago
Quick in and out with purified water for 50 cents a gallon, friendly service. They load your car with all your jugs. Spring, alkaline, oxygenated or neutral distilled water.
Mary Ryan
a year ago
Have been going here for 7+ years. Always great service. They bring your bottles out and place in your car once they refill them.
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