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OTR Brompton
Chain store stocking familiar convenience-store items, such as snacks & drinks.

OTR is a fully Australian owned & operated convenience store brand. OTR Brompton is always open with everything you need. You’ll find barista-made C Coffee, Moe’s Dog & Shake, croissants, sandwiches, hot pies & pasties, a large supermarket range, DIY and auto car washes and fuel. Now, you can pre-order your barista-made coffee in the OTR App and have it ready for pick up in-store. You can even pay for fuel at the pump with the app, no more queuing up in the store! At OTR, we’re always looking for ways of delivering a whole new level of service to you, to make your life easier. You can count on us 24/7 to give convenience, value and quality. OTR - making life easy.
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Wheelchair accessible entrance · Wheelchair accessible parking lot ·
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73/77 Torrens Road, Brompton South Australia 5007, Australia
Google Reviews
38 reviews
5 months ago
Diesel pump 6 doesn’t shut off and spews diesel out over hands pants and feet. I went to this servo at pump 6 and the shut off at the hand pump didn’t work and I had diesel all over my hands and clothes and shoes, I reported this issue to the staff. Went to the same pump, about a month later thinking it would be fixed and the exact same issue happened again. Reported of the issue again. Get it fixed guys!
Parth Shukla
7 months ago
Went in at 4:09 pm to redeem a deluxe car wash. The guy at the counter, who served me, literally threw the voucher on the desk for me to take. Didn't say hello, didn't say a parting goodbye or anything, no smile, didn't feel like he was enjoying his work. There were no customers in front of me. If you don't like your job, don't do it. The management should address this and counsel the team member on what is good customer service. Very disappointed
Michelle Borchers
6 months ago
Coffee at this OTR, is great. My husband and I, ate & drank instore. Traveling today North to South, we used your bathroom. This was an absolute disgrace. Uncleaned toilet, toilet paper not put on the roll holder, tiles filthy, floor , well that's another issue & keep the handbasin clean. Not impressed & will not be returning. Very poor
Imal Gamage
a year ago
I just did scan the QR code and and got save 6c per letre after filling 45 ltres. But the payment wasn't made via app because of a technical issue with it. And showed up a barcode to show to the counter and pay. Once I get into the store staff got the code scan and then I tap my card. When I check my receipt I found that they didn't give the discount. They have charged the original price. Then I went back and ask. They told me they cannot do anything because the transaction is made already. The way that staff member talked was very rude. I guess his name is something like Tony who has gray beard and half bold head. This is not just about $2 save. Specifically when I got into the store, he was shouting at a women by using &#-#&#-#& words. That's so disrespectful.
Louise Mia
2 months ago
Very rude and unprofessional staff. Calling out - employee old man with the white hair. Please quit your job.
Abbygail Neeves
a year ago
staff member stelios was very rude from the beginning trying to place our order and was continuously spoken over, was then double charged for my transaction as he processed my sale twice and told me it didn’t work nor come up on his computer the first time despite my bank account being charged and me proving it by showing him my transaction history. train your staff to put through sales properly and deal with refunds correctly you can’t just rip people off and expect it to be ok. manager will be contacted!
Georgia Lou
5 months ago
Not safe, got robbed. Staff was excellent though, but overall do not recommend coming here to pump gas, if you do please stay vigilant.
jessica helinda
11 months ago
Such a rude customer service. Thanks STELIOS for your bad customer service today 22/12/2022 at 16:20. I politely asked about the point but how could you reply your customer like that? I know people could be tired cause busy etc, but if you don’t want to serve people nicely, please just go find other job.
a year ago
Toilets are disgusting. Not even fit for human use. Someone has obviously had loose bowels and left it literally all over the toilet bowl. Reported to staff and was told that they know! No indication that they were going to clean it even. How about an not in use sign then!
Eden Walker
2 years ago
EVERYTIME I come here I order my coffee before leaving Womens and Children's Hospital and without fail EVERYTIME im left waiting in store for a good 10 minutes waiting for my coffee to be made only to have to get up and tell the staff members IM WAITING FOR MY COFFEE!!! What's the point in having an app to order ahead to make sure it's ready when you get there if you have to remind them to make it after already waiting in store for 10 minutes!!! Not to mention I've been asked "you going cheap" by a customer in front of staff and they done absolutely nothing because the bloke is a regular!! Your customer service is ridiculous and the Jamaican (I believe native man with afro) has the absolute WORST customer service! He's extremely blunt and rude! You need to retrain your staff members!!
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