MFS Exhaust hood cleaning School certification, online courses and more
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MFS Exhaust hood cleaning School certification, online courses and more
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Garrett Reece
2 months ago
I took the online course, and I cant say enough good things about the Instructor and his staff. We just began operating, and even without hands-on training I went in confidently knowing I had every piece of knowledge needed to not only make the sale, but then provide the service to a professional standard. I also feel confident in growing my company and bidding larger jobs knowing the Instructor is always a phone call away. It is a sizable investment for most of us, but totally worth it. MFS!
Marsha Tafoya
a month ago
MFS Trade School is a great choice - the best choice! Our company has been very successful. Mr. Christos is an excellent instructor and is available to help with follow-up questions and guide you toward success. Exhaust hood cleaning and inspection will always be needed. Check out this great school today!
Chandramauli Amin
2 months ago
Learning from Chris - Founder of MFS trade school is unlocking potential to maximize my growth. I feel home. Your expertise and knowledge has personal touch and passion. Namaste 🙏 and Salute to his dedication.
Delia Ursulescu
5 months ago
If you’re thinking about starting a hood cleaning business, getting access to Chris is invaluable! Knowing I can text or call when we have issues we don’t know how to handle has give me such peace of mind building this business in a new industry. If I could go back, I would buy the certification course sooner. Not having the stress of not being sure about the best next step is certainly worth the investment.
Juan Valdez
4 months ago
Alright, now it's my turn to give a shout out to the MFS trade school. First my name is Manuel "Manny" R. Martinez Jr. So there's no confusion from where this is coming from. Juan Valdez is a pseudonym for my business just check out my Logo. From the heart I want to Thank You Mr. Christo personally for all your hard work and experience that you have shared and handed down to me, as well everyone else you trained, or passed on knowledge to directly, or indirectly. I can see that you love what you do. Because the time the motivation and the individual 1-on-1 relationship that you hold with your student is pricesless. There is no dollar amount that you can put that. Dedication and Unselfishness has lead you to create a institution to hand down knowledge you have obtained, and to the furtherance of everybody Career that has come across MFS, and you Mr. Christo Thank You! It has only been a few months Since taking your owner's course but you have helped me immensely obtaining contracts, and progress of my business. From the classroom to just picking up the phone and dialing Mr. Christos #. Everything with this Man and the MFS Trade School. Has made my life that much better
Paul Hemak
7 months ago
It was a really great hands-on course. They show you the ins and outs of the entire exhaust system so that you don't go into your first job blind and the service after your schooling is impeccable. Christos gives you his personal number, him and his team are always there to give you advice and guidance and if he's busy he usually drops what he's doing to help you out which s outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!
nicole channel
3 months ago
As a construction contractor based in California, I was eager to find new avenues to increase revenue for my company. I had long been curious about pursuing government contracts but struggled to find the right resources. That all changed when I stumbled upon Chris's YouTube video detailing the process of bidding on public projects. Upon contacting him, Chris proved to be incredibly helpful and accommodating right from the start. I decided to invest in his training course in 2019, and to this day, he continues to provide invaluable guidance whenever I have questions about the bidding process. Thanks to Chris and his team, I finally had the opportunity to compete for public contracts, and I'm thrilled to say that my company has been awarded several projects as a result. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact that purchasing this training course has had on the future of my company. I highly recommend Chris's training courses to anyone interested, whether it's for kitchen cleaning or public works. With comprehensive materials and Chris's exceptional knowledge and support, you'll be well-equipped to succeed in your endeavors
Jonah Mathis
6 months ago
MFS has helped grow our business from the training and experience passed along, to google SEO that helps optimize our online presence to reach potential clients. Everyone is very friendly with top notch customer service! You can’t go wrong with any course or products that they have to offer! Jonah Mathis Hood Professionals LLC
Seraiah Hummel
a year ago
This course has been amazing to go through. The customer service from my initial inquiry into the course to taking my exam has been wonderful. As a food truck owner, keeping my asset (my truck) protected is extremely important. I also want to make sure that my fellow food truck operators are getting their exhaust systems cared for to avoid a fire down the road. Thank you for creating this course in an online format which allowed for me to finish it in the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend MFS Trade School to anyone.
Steven Shields
11 months ago
I highly recommend taking this course. The online videos, handouts and training materials were very easy to follow and I now feel very competent when it comes to taking on challenging Hood Vent cleanings. Last, but not least, the staff was very helpful and responsive when answering my questions and getting set up for taking the exam. Great Team!
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