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Jalisa Mapp
a week ago
Seth, has been very helpful in providing assistance towards my auto insurance claim. In the beginning, I wasn't sure where to go or what type of legal issues I had but he helped redirect me to understand what was taking place along with how to communicate with the car insurance team and get quicker responses. After my first contact, he provided lots of valuable information as a I mentioned above but even when I reached out the second time he was really nice and helpful and gave me even more insight. He is very attentive, responsive, and really cares about people. Working with people that car about you is golden.
Bernard Canady
a month ago
I called Mr. Meyerson this morning seeking legal advice about a civil matter. Mr. Meyerson was very informative and provided me with valuable information. I would definitely use his law firm, if I had any other legal issues. I even called back a second time, and he was gracious enough to take my call and provide further information.
maggie johnston
2 months ago
My name is Maggie Johnston. I have some legal concerns. So I found Seth Meyerson’s law firm on line. I called earlier today, and Seth returned my call after hours. In the consultation he gave me so many different options. He’s approach was so personal, professional and with extensive knowledge of my area of concern. What a difference it is to connect with a lawyer with that personal touch. Blessings!
Alicia Peele
a month ago
Seth was very responsive and took the time to help me understand a legal document in a simplified way. I truly appreciate his patience and professionalism. This firm is highly recommended! Thank you Alicia
Viviana Huxley
2 months ago
Very disorganized. Will promise anything to get your retainer, then doesn't do the work. As soon as a case looks like a loser, he loses interest and will ignore it, sometimes to the point of it causing problems in court. He is always trying to get out of doing his work, and never wants to put in the effort for a good result. Showing up isn't enough but he thinks it is. He yells at judges. He will do anything except provide competent legal services for your money and he will do whatever he can not to return a retainer, even if shown he promised what he couldn't provide. He doesn't read the law, and wastes client money in an attempt to skirt clearly written statutes.
Creona Byrd
3 months ago
I Knew I Had Met The Right Attorney When I Explained My Issues To His Assistant & She Immediately Helped Me. I Cannot Tell You How Much I Appreciate Mr Meyerson For The Great Advice He Provided Me With Today. Not Only Did He Assist Me During My Consultation He Was Right There Anytime I Needed To Contact Him. I Definitely Will Be Contacting Him If I'm Ever In Need Again! ❤
Harris Jentzen
a week ago
They provided everything I needed, were very professional, at a great price. Recommended.
Sam Jr.
2 months ago
like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for deciding to assist me and accept my request of consultancy dying the weekend, in less than 24 hours you called me to give the right path . When I received your message I felt relieved, as you are known as one of the top lawyers in this field of law. From day one, our very first conversation , I knew that you are a man of wrhixa and principle , and fortunately for , this proved to be true. I was really surprised from your gesture for offering the consultation and the advice as well the all the documents and reference you sent by mail FREE OF CHARGE! Though your does are posted on your website... Where I can't find the right word to thank you. It's the rate to find a professional, ethical like you nowadays, the word.that is on top of my head now that you are a man of honor. My sincere gratitude for everything. Good to know that there is still people like you exist. Sam Hanafy
gary harness
2 months ago
Seth was professional and personable. He explained everything so that I could understand. Lindsay was personable and courteous.
Rylie Rainey
6 months ago
I can NOT give my graduated to anyone but this company. They simply laid out the law for me and the position we are in. He did this all for free and he even opened up the end of our conversation for questions. Thankfully our situation isn’t as serious as most but I would not fail to call this law firm in the event I truly needed help. These are awesome people and they are here to serve you!! I highly recommend giving them a call with any concerns you may have!
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