Mama Safia's Kitchen
  • African Restaurant in Minneapolis
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  • 4.7
Mama Safia's Kitchen
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gina fox
a month ago
Superb food, large servings. Exceptionally friendly service. So glad we went there. Had lamb and chicken with basmati rice. Excellent samosa with homemade sauces. And BANANAS!
Raidah Ahmed
a week ago
The food was great! It was authentic and tasty. Our server was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Aruvin Chan
a week ago
We were offered a private spot upon walking in, so that's amazing already right off the bat. The young lady (our server) was friendly and welcoming. She recommended the waslad a.k.a. lamb and camel -- and both were absolutely delicious. Very flavorful and portions were also very generous. We had a marvelous dining experience.
Hasibul Hasan
7 months ago
Have dined here twice. First experience was amazing. Both appetizer(beef sambusa) & goat stew was amazing. Goat meat was perfectly cooked & tender. On my 2nd visit got the lamb stew & it was pretty disappointing. The meat in the lamb shank was not cooked evenly so some portions were tough while others were perfectly tender. Mentioned about the issue while I went to the pay at the counter. The guy only apologized for the issue & charged me the full price for the meal. Not sure I will be back.
Jared Roberts
a month ago
This was my first time eating East African food and it was absolutely amazing. The chicken Sambusa is absolutely fire. I would highly recommend this restaurant!
Rob Farrow
2 months ago
Walked in ordered Sambusas, quick, fast fresh! Come get you a few!
Ben Adickes
9 months ago
Brightly lit, with simple decor and colourful walls. The sambusas were absolutely delicious-- packed with meat and spice and flavour. Next time I'm back I'll definitely be getting more. Pricewise most of the entrées are only a few dollars more than getting a combo meal at some place like McDonald's, but it's so much better and a really filling amount.
Felix Kitika
11 months ago
This place is so beautiful, clean and welcoming! It was my first time here and I was overwhelmed with warm greetings and smiling. The customer service is so fabulous and the lady I found was so nice friendly. She explained every dishes on menu ingredients and spices, she graced me with multiple choices to choose from. The juices and made taste different juice from, watermelon juice, Correa” vito juice and mango juice. I loved the Vito juice it’s commonly famous in East African. The food was delicious and I highly recommend you to try out this wonderful and Best restaurant in Minneapolis. I enjoyed myself and I will be coming often. Thanks for checking out
Barlin Mohamed
a month ago
Amazing african restaurant. Come all the way from Canada because of recommendation. Definite met expectation. Amazing food, great customer service, clean, simple and beautiful. Had breakfast for $15. Somali tea was amazing, the goat kidney dish delicious.
Akima Bell
2 months ago
I thought I ordered beef Sambusa; apparently I ordered onion. Ridiculous! The man at the register was nice though and the place is clean. That earned a star. I thought I would return for dinner. I'll never be back. After picking some onions out, I was left with bread.
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