Mama Safia's Kitchen
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Mama Safia's Kitchen
Goat Liver with Canjero
Somali pancake-like bread with Seasoned Goat liver—packed with protein, vitamins A, B12, B6, iron, zinc, and folate. A delightful, nutritious breakfast option
Malawax Isbeso
Somali pancake-like bread topped with thinly sliced, marinated goat meat—abundant in protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B12. A mouthwatering and nutrient-dense delight to fuel your day with energy and nourishment
Fuol Canjero
Somali pancake-like bread served red bean curry with herb and seasoned vegetables.
Beef Sugaar with Canjero
Somali pancake-like served with thin sliced halal beef seasoned with cumin, coriander, turmeric, garlic, and black pepper
Canjero Otkac
Canjeero with Odkac is a quintessential Somali breakfast, combining the light, slightly sour canjeero - similar to a spongy pancake - with Odkac, a traditional dried halal meat akin to jerky. The tangy, airy canjeero perfectly offsets the rich, concentrated flavor of the Odkac, creating a hearty, satisfying meal. This dish is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Somalia, offering a unique fusion of flavors and textures
Chicken Sugaar
Somali flatbread served with bite-sized pieces of seasoned tender chicken. The chicken, cooked with a medley of traditional Somali spices, offers a savory delight that complements the bread's mild flavor. This dish is a testament to Somali cuisine's ability to turn simple ingredients into a comforting, satisfying meal.
Chicken Wings
Halal Chicken Wings with fries and drink
Gyro sandwich wrapped in warm Pita with fries and drink
Comes with fries and drink
Crispy pastry shell stuffed with a savory blend of ingredients, including shredded beef or chicken. Served alongside a zesty green spicy sauce.
Deep-fried dough delicacy originating from Kenya. It is made by combining flour, coconut milk, and aromatic spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. The dough is prepared by mixing these ingredients together until a smooth and pliable consistency is achieved
Waslad aka Lamb with Basmati Rice
Indulge in our Waslad with Aromatic flavorful Basmati or Pasta, a delectable Somali dish that showcases the flavors of slow-cooked, tender lamb, enriched with traditional Somali spices. Paired with your choice of aromatic rice or perfectly cooked pasta, this dish offers an enticing mix of textures and flavors. Experience this hearty, authentic Somali dish - a culinary masterpiece that beautifully marries tradition and innovation, making it an irresistible choice for exploring global cuisine
Goat meat with Basmati Rice
Experience the taste and health benefits of our Somali Goat Meat with Rice or Pasta. The tender, slow-cooked goat meat, infused with traditional Somali spices, is not only flavorful but also packed with lean protein and essential nutrients like iron and potassium. When combined with your choice of Aromatic flavorful Basmati rice or al dente pasta, this dish becomes a nutritious representation of global and Somali cuisine. The deliciously distinct, mildly sweet flavor of goat meat makes it a unique, must-try delicacy for any food enthusiast
Ugali with Chicken Suqaar
Experience Kenyan cuisine - the harmonious blend of Ugali with Chicken Suqaar, a dish that marries the firm, polenta-like Ugali with succulent, spiced chicken Suqaar. This staple of East African cuisine is not only flavorful, but also packed with essential nutrients. High in protein from the chicken and rich in complex carbohydrates from the Ugali, this wholesome meal provides sustained energy. Discover this nutritionally balanced, authentic East African dish – a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the region, perfect for health-conscious food lovers.
Steak with Basmati Rice
flavorful Basmati Rice with Fried Vegetables and Marinated Pan-Fried Sliced Tender Steak Meat
BBQ Chicken with Basmati Rice
Flavorful Basmati Rice with Fried Vegetables and halal BBQ chicken
Tilapia Fish with Rice or Pasta
Fried Marinated Tilapia Fish with pasta or Flavorful Basmati Rice
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Mama Safia's Kitchen serves Authentic Somali Food. This is one of the best Somali Restaurants in Minneapolis, located at 720 East Lake Street. Join us for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Order online or pick up at the store location. This restaurant serves Halal food. It has plenty of parking lots, a prayer room, and a destinate space for women's dining, and families.
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