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Learning to Lead - Dog Services of Greensburg, PA
If you're a veteran dog owner, you know they don't always do as you instruct. The same is true when it comes to formal training. But we won't give up on your pet because it is stubborn; we will work with your dog until training is complete. Rely on us to fix the behavior problem, no matter how long it takes. To help you rediscover a relationship that you both have almost forgotten. Giving you the tools to relearn and understand what real trust, loyalty, and love can do, so every day you're finding how this new commitment will transform both of your lives. A love unbound; a love that is truly set free.
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929 Chestnut St, Monessen, PA 15062, United States
Dog boarding with training
From $1,000.00
This is one on one with the trainer in their home. An evaluation must be performed prior to this service. After complete, a turnover session will be performed with client to ensure all training is complete. Have questions? Please call at 724 420-5392.
Dog walking
Weekly & monthly services only. $25 per each half hour walk. No contracts. Call for details. 724 420-5392.
All issues, breeds and problems are welcome. Any date, time and location of your choice; We come to you. ABSOLUTELY no restrictions. Give us a call today at 724 420-5392.
Group Obedience Classes
Group Obedience Classes are FREE to the public when available. If you are interested and have a place that we can train for you, just let us know. We would love to create this service in your area. Call us today at 724 420-5392.
Obedience / Behavioral
From $800.00
Behavioral / Obedience After you're evaluation, we work directly with you & your dog until you are able to duplicate our level of success and are completely satisfied. * No number of sessions. * No timed sessions. * JUST PROBLEM SOLVED ! * We come to you. * Your schedule, your way. * Covid friendly
Therapy / Service Dog
We start with an in-depth evaluation in your home. * Therapy dog is based from your dog's current skill level. $500 or more. * Service Dog price can range from $10, 000 to $40,000 based on the complexity of your needs. Sorry, NO SHORT CUTS here. We do our best and it shows with every client.
Emergency Services
From $500.00
This price is $500 an hour. An evaluation is mandatory prior to any training. Rates and availability apply. This is a fast track service to get you to your goals. While we can not guarantee how long this service may take, most times most everyday issues can be completed within 5 hours.
Google Reviews
21 reviews
Jacob Posey
5 months ago
My girlfriend and I recently got a German shepherd and we started out trying to train her ourselves. She was a fast learner and picked up the things that we taught her well. That was only the basics (sit, lay down, stay). We hit a road block with trying to progress her and that’s when I contacted Ed at Learning To Lead. Him coming to our house and working around our busy schedules was a huge win in our books. He Taught us how to lead our dog. Instead of doing the same repetitive training techniques, he focused on how we interacted with our dog and improved our way of training her. Since starting with Ed our dog has picked up on our training so much faster and with much more focus because of how Ed has taught us. I’d recommend his services to anyone!
Brad Gear
a year ago
I got in touch with Learning to Lead Dog Services around a month ago. I have a 3 year old Siberian Husky, who can have a mind of her own sometimes. She can be very hyper with company very stubborn and she loves to scratch and bite. We could not sit on the floor or couch with out her biting and scratching. Company could not come over with out getting jumped on. This became a great concern especially when me and my wife found out we were having a baby. So a month before the due date I hired Ed. I was a little concern hoping that I gave myself enough time to teach her with the baby only a month away. Ed came the same day that I called him. And boy he went straight to work on lily, me and my wife. He taught us the correct approach to handle Lily and he always called and texted to make sure everything was going good. Each training session you could see such an improvement it is unbelievable. And as I am writing this review lily is layig next to my daughters crib. Thank you very much Ed and please definitely stay in touch.
Sybil Brooks
7 months ago
We recently adopted a 2 year old Yorkie mix female as we wanted a friend for our 9 year old male Shitzu mix. She is the perfect fit for our family except for 1 issue. She wasn’t potty trained, and to my husband this was a non negotiable issue. He gave me 6 months to get her potty trained or I had to rehome her. Now Iv had dogs all my life and potty trained them all myself with success but she wasn’t taking to any of my commands and I was out of ideas and hope. I reached out to several dog trainers in my area and was quoted between $2000-$8000. Which wasn’t going to happen because my husband wanted a guarantee and they can’t/ won’t give that. Also come on $2000 - $8000?!?!? Really?!?!? But then Ed called me back from Learning to lead and I told him my story and where I was with the time line my husband gave and how much I didn’t want to give her up. He set up a time to meet her (Snickers) and I and we went from there. Now it wasn’t an overnight success but within a week she showed so much improvement. Within 2 weeks she was having maybe 1 accident a week. It’s been a couple of months now and she doesn’t go in the house AT ALL. I know all dogs are different but for $500 I got a fully potty trained dog. I would and have recommend Ed @ Learning to lead to anyone who has any issue with a dog especially potty training.
Alyssa D
3 years ago
We had issues with our 1 year old dog pulling us on walks, darting out the door when it’s opened, and jumping on our company when they come over. Within an hour, these services has helped my dog and myself with these issues. The same day of training, I was able to walk my dog safely and comfortably with the knowledge he presented to me. My dog now waits at the door when it’s opened until I tell him it’s okay to go. I didn’t think there was any hope for us until we had Learning to Lead in our home! Ed is very professional and helps you understand things from all points of views. Thank you so much!! I recommend this service to anybody in dog service needs! 5/5
Rachel Good
3 years ago
When having my first consultation with Ed, he explained that if I paid $400 upfront then he would help train my dog until we could get her to overcome her anxiety with people. Fortunately, my dog overcame the social anxiety after I only had 1 session (other than the consultation) with Ed. So, I decided to ask if he would help with my dogs excitement towards my parents (senior)dog. She was not understanding the difference between playing with senior dogs and playing with pups. Ed wanted to charge me an additional training fee since it involved my parents dog. I felt that since I had already paid $400 and only got one session that we could have at least one more session to work on a different issue/concern. I felt as though I was being taken advantage of since I paid $400 for a consultation and 1 training session. Definitely don’t recommend paying that large amount upfront (lesson learned). I can only imagine who else this has happened too.
Tyler Richardson
5 years ago
Ed has done an amazing job teaching my wife and I the correct techniques to correct behavioral issues with our German Shepherd. Our dog has done a complete 180 and is becoming very proficient with obedience. We highly recommend using Ed! His training has forever changed our relationship with our Shepherd (which in my opinion, is priceless!)
Audrey C. Wallace
7 years ago
I would highly recommend Learning to Lead! We hired Ed for basic obedience for our golden retriever puppy. The adaptability and professionalism of the training services he provided were perfect- you can expect an intuitive and custom approach based on your dog's body language and personality (along with a thorough explanation of his thought process) to help you form a more effective and understanding bond with your pup. I also enjoyed his ability to tie in stories of noteable experiences throughout his career that led him to his particular training style (or styles). In short, you're hiring a very knowledgeable professional who offers a range of training options, at very good prices.
Danielle Whalen
8 years ago
Could not be more pleased with my experience with Ed, Sarah, and the methods used by Learning to Lead Dog Training! After researching many different dog trainers in the area for my hyperactive pomeranian/border collie Happy, I decided to call the trainers at Learning to Lead. Ed was very informative and helpful in determining what type of training session would be best for me and my pup. After a successful phone call, I committed to the private obedience training sessions. The first session was very informative and gave clear expectations of what was to come throughout our sessions. Communication was easy with our trainer and the sessions were light and comfortable. About halfway through our sessions, Happy began to regress. Ed addressed the situation and defined the problem, then came up with a solution. This was a highpoint in our sessions for me as a customer. He didn't brush off the issue and continue using the same methods, he used his problem solving skills and came at it from another angle. Happy has now mastered everything expected of him, but I as an owns have also gained a new skill set. This is the major difference I see between Learning to Lead and other trainers out there, they truly are teaching the owner, not just the dog. I could not thank Ed enough for helping me to gain control and respect from my pup. Now that I have the skill set, Happy and I are working on more advanced training on our own!
Debra Malinoski
6 years ago
Learning to lead saved much heart ache and my dog's home! Ever since we've had my 2 year old daughter, my dog has been gated off from the family as I didn't trust him. He is too high energy and has many other issues. While this was working it was not fixing the problem and was making his behaviors worse. The inevitable happened when we took our eyes off of my daughter and our lab for a split second and when my daughter pet my dog he growled and nipped her. We immediately called Ed and he came out to evaluate Max. He explained his behaviors and showed us how we could not only train him but how to welcome him back into the family. There's still lots of work to be done, but with training Max and changing our ways, I am glad to say we can keep our fur child with us! Thanks Ed and Learning to lead!!!
Becky s
9 years ago
We adopted a dog through a rescue group-only to find he would bite anybody who came to our home. The first trainer we called said it was hopeless, the dog would always be a biter. We were already quite attached to the dog, and were heartbroken.Luckily I was directed to LTLDT and Ed Delancey. Ed came to our home and analyzed the situation over several training sessions.He taught us how to control our dog inl different scenarios, and helped us to understand why the dog acted as he did. His knowledge of dogs was impressive, as were his training tactics with the dog. He also taught US that training our dog is an ongoing process. "Freddy" is still learning, and has a ways to go, but Ed gave us the tools for training-and allowed us to keep a dog we loved. For that we are very grateful.
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