Glossus Humanus, Shell Museum Cavtat
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Glossus Humanus, Shell Museum Cavtat
The World of Mollusca We are honoured to present you our collection of sea shells, Glossus Humanus. We are a family of divers, travelers and great admirers of the sea. Our collection started as decoration for nursery room and now counts over 3500 different species from all oceans of the world. As our collection increased over years and as the biodiversity decreases daily we felt obliged to offer our treasure to public and spread admiration we have for marine life and its preservation. In just one year we have become a top attraction in Cavtat, a simple must see, especialy for families with kids. Our museum is funded only by our own achivements so we can't thank you enough for your support in our quest to be the best advocates of the sea.
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Sv. Nikole 6, 20210, Cavtat, Croatia
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Ellen Daly-English
5 months ago
We had the best time at this museum! The family who run is are so lovely and knowledgable, and as someone who knows nothing about shells is was really great to learn. It is set out really beautifully and we got some stunning jewellery to remember the trip. Thanks so so much !!
Alžbeta Šujanová
8 months ago
The museum belongs to a family of shell collectors. They were very nice, upon entering they will tell you how the museum was created. It's obvious that they do it out of love. It's a wonderful collection. You will spend about an hour there and it is definitely worth it!
Marek Cienky
7 months ago
Great and rather new museum in Cavtat. Owner is present during the visit and as they collected shells by themselves, they can give a good explanation and detail. I liked that they are still looking for improvements as 2023 was their second season. It is great if people turn their passion into something that helps the community and adds remarkable spot in the city.
Mike B
5 months ago
Very cute museum run by a family of shell collectors. Must see if you are a fan of natural beauty (which is why you're in Cavtat, I assume)
Michal Šujan
8 months ago
Must see! A beautiful collection, many exceptional specimens, and incredible exhibition space, where you can hide from the heat. The owner is very kind and willing to explain details related to the collection.
Niamh Rainey
8 months ago
An amazing place to visit. Completely family run museum which features shells and molluscs from generations collected from all over the world. The owner is so knowledgeable and passionate about the ocean and its preservation, it was a really inspiring visit. They also have lovely hand made shell jewellery and other pieces which are absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth a visit!
Aleksandra Badura
5 months ago
Wonderful place! I love such museums, small and family-run, places with a soul. The owner was there when we visited this place. She collects the shells with her husband. She has a lot of knowledge and shares a lot of information, which gives meaning to what we see in this fascinating collection. Each shell is different and unique. The owner has perfect English so you can understand everything. It's delightful to see people who have such enthusiasm, and love the sea and the ocean like I do. 😊 This place is a must-visit in Cavtat. It's worth supporting such initiatives. You can also buy various shell-related souvenirs on-site. Highly recommended! 💗
Martina garvey
8 months ago
Stepping into the shell museum is like entering a beautiful oasis of calm. The museum has an incredible collection of shells, fossils and artwork gathered from oceans all over the world. The owner was kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Glossus Humanus is truly a must-see in Cavtat!
Ren X
5 months ago
Owner Ines was very informative and graciously answered all my questions. Who knew octopi 🐙 and squids were mollusks!
Elyse Michel
5 months ago
The lovely woman at the desk is so into her collection. She knows the subjects. She gives you the information you need if you want too. The private collection is impressive and beautiful. I hope they can stay longer and have a proper place to display the shells and mollusks. I personally think the bottom shelves are too low to have a proper look at it. Unless you have no back pain.
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