Australian Glass Balustrade Authority
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Australian Glass Balustrade Authority
Balustrade Installation
From $1,600.00
Trusted Balustrade Installers in Sydney, expert installation of balustrades.
Balustrade Panels For Decking
We supply and install glass balustrades panels for decking the ideal solution for outdoor deck.
Curved Glass Balustrade
From $1,600.00
We can supply bent & curved glass pool fencing or balustrades.
Frameless Balustrade
Glass Balusters Sydney
From $1,600.00
Your trusted source and services for frameless glass baluster systems designs in Sydney.
Glass Balustrade Installation
Glass Balustrade Installation Services on the top of the structure you are installing it on.
Balcony Glass Repair Services
From $1,600.00
If one of the glass panels on your balcony needs to be fixed or replaced, our skilled glass balustrade contractors can take care of it and repair it.
Glass Balustrade Repairs
Is your glass balustrade broken? W offer high quality and professional glass balustrade repairs and panel replacements throughout Sydney and metro areas.
Glass Balustrade Replacement
We can repair and replace all broken glass balustrades in your home or workplace.
Glass Balustrade Supply
We supply and install all types of glass balustrades in Sydney.
Glass Balustrade with Timber Handrail
We provide glass Balustrades attached to timber decking with stainless steel spigots and timber handrails.
Glass Balustrades
We Have The Finest Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney offers. Our glass balustrade Sydney solutions are a popular method to ensure and boost the visual appeal of your balcony, deck, patio or veranda while offering uninterrupted views and improving the natural flow of light.We’re seasoned and specializing in the area of carpentry, metalwork engineering, especially balustrades, handrails, swimming pool fences, bollards, fencing, gates and stairways.Please contact us for a free measure and quote.The clean and contemporary lines of glass and stainless steel perfect balance between exterior and interior to finish off new houses or update an existent house.For an obligation free estimate, please contact us on: 02 8076 7495 or e-mail me on the contact page.
Glass Pool Fencing
If you’re thinking of adding some safety and style to your balcony, verandah, or poolside, you might want to try out stainless steel balustrade designs. With stainless steel, you can be sure that it will fit in nicely both indoors and outdoors. Short of fracture problems at the attachment points, stainless steel balustrades are long-lasting home aesthetic and practical solutions for some aspects of home and building design.
Glass Panel Railing for Decks
From $1,600.00
Glass balusters look different from full glass panel railing, but they still have many of the same benefits.
Oak Staircase with Glass Balustrade
We can supply perfectly suited to glass balustrade is our oak.
Glass Panel Railing for Balconies
From $1,600.00
Glass stairways and balcony rails are becoming increasingly more popular in Sydney.
Glass Balustrading Sydney
From $1,600.00
With Glass Balustrade Authority, you're in good hands. In Sydney, we sell and install all kinds of glass balustrading.
Glasss Balustrade Company
From $1,600.00
Glass Balustrade Authority offers premium quality glass balustrade services in Sydney for interior and exterior areas.
Glass Balustrade Contractors
From $1,600.00
Our team of certified Glass Balustrade Contractors puts up balustrades for a living. If you order your balustrades from us, it makes sense to have our team install them quickly.
Glass Balustrading for Staircases
From $1,600.00
We sell and install elegant glass balustrading for stairs all over Sydney. We use toughened or laminated glass with framed and frameless fitting systems.
Glass Panel Railing for Stairs
From $1,600.00
Glass Balustrade Authority have years experience supplying and installing glass stair railing balustrades, bandisters and handrails in Sydney.
Glass Balustrading for Decks
From $1,600.00
Our glass balustrading for decks are simple to install. Enjoy a clear view. Decking glass balustrading allows you to fully appreciate the view.
Swimming Pool Fences
Timber Stairs with Glass Balustrade
We custom design all our timber staircases to suit glass balustrade installations in Sydney.
Timber and Glass Balustrade
We have toughened glass infill panels and clamps fitted to timber posts surrounding a outdoor gardens.
Glass Balustrade Stairs Repairs
From $1,600.00
With more than 40 years of experience, Glass Balustrade Authority is trusted all over Sydney to repair and install Glass Balustrade For Stairs for both home and business projects.
Glass Balustrade Installers
From $1,600.00
We're Hiring Experienced Glass Balustrade Installers Now!
Glass Railing Service & Prices
From $1,600.00
We offer a full range of services for glass balustrades and railings, including sales, service, installation, and maintenance.
Pool Fencing
Glass Staircase Balustrade Installation
From $1,600.00
We are a licenced company in Sydney that puts up glass staircase balustrades. We make custom balustrades for the glass stairs at a price that is reasonable.
Frameless Glass Balustrades Staircase Sydney
From $1,600.00
Frameless Glass Balustrade Stairs - We Design, Install & Certify
Frameless Glass Balustrade Decking Sydney
From $1,600.00
Frameless Glass Balustrade is a glass channel profile that is very flexible and can be installed on balconies, patios, decks, and flat roofs.
Frameless Glass Balustrade for Landing
From $1,600.00
Stairs with frameless glass balustrade to stairs and landing.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Balcony Sydney
From $1,600.00
These glass balustrades have a simple design that will look good on any balcony or outside area.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Near Me
From $1,600.00
Glass Balustrade Authority, we offer a great range of frameless glass balustrades in the Near You.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney
From $1,600.00
We offer the best prices for glass balustrade in Sydney and fast delivery of our high-quality frameless glass balustrade all over Sydney.
Frameless Glass Balustrade System
From $1,600.00
A Frameless Glass Balustrade System that is modern and stylish,. Pin-fixed glass, including Top Rail.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation
From $1,600.00
Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation Cost And Pricing– What to Expect. Call today for a FREE consultation.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Panels
From $1,600.00
Frameless glass balustrade panels. Australian compliant; We have 22 standard-sized glass panels that are 970 mm tall and 500 mm to 1800 mm wide.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Railing
From $1,600.00
Glass Balustrade Authority supplies and installs a wide range of Frameless Glass Balustrade Railings, all of which can be done in a high-quality way.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Design
From $1,600.00
We offer Frameless Glass Balustrade Design and installation all over Sydney. From initial design to installation, we are your one stop shop.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Company
From $1,600.00
We are a Glass Balustrade Company sells and installs glass balustrades, Juliet balconies, feature steel staircases, walk-on steel balconies, and canopies.
Frameless Glass Terrace Balustrade
From $1,600.00
Frameless glass balustrade panels don't block your view and make any terrace, balcony, deck, or pergola look more elegant and open.
Frameless Glass Balustrading
From $1,600.00
Toughened Frameless Glass Balustrading is a modular system that is easy to set up and meets all Australian Standards.
Frameless Glass Balustrade Fittings
From $1,600.00
There are many high-quality glass balustrade fittings and glass clamps in stock at Glass Balustrade Authority. It can be used for pools, fences, and balustrades.
Commercial Glass Balustrades
Glass Balustrades For Commercial Establishments
Glass Balustrades for Commercial Industrial
Glass Balustrades for Universities
Glass Balustrades for Hotels
Glass Balustrades for Bars
Glass Balustrades for Schools
Glass Balustrades for Restaurants
Glass Balustrades for Shopping Malls
Glass Balustrades for Airports
Glass Balustrades for Government Buildings
Custom Design
Fencing Installation
Glass Balustrades Installers
Glass Railing
Hand Rails
Powder Coat
Stainless Steel Balustrading
Stainless Steel Handrails
Staircase Installation
Steel Railings
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Glass Balustrade Authority is a world leader in the supply and installation of glass balustrade solutions, with over 18 years of experience in the glass  balustrade business.

The Glass Balustrade Authority has completed work worth more over $100 million from its beginnings to the present day, with an annual turnover surpassing $10 million.

We serve both the residential and commercial markets, and our glass goods are made of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Glass balustrades provide the following advantages: they are safe and long-lasting.

Allow light to enter.

  • Create a feeling of openness.
  • Cleaning and upkeep are simple.
  • Views that aren't obstructed.
  • Stylish and contemporary.


Glass Balustrade Authority in Sydney can always provide you with high-quality Sydney architectural glass balustrading.

We get high-grade structural materials that meet Australian Standards from our long-standing and dependable suppliers that have passed our quality inspections.

To achieve flawless Sydney handrail balustrade fabrication, we use high-tech plant and machinery, specialist equipment, and CNC computer controlled and laser machines.
Every procedure is meticulously monitored and inspected for quality and reliability by our professional workers and supervisors.

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