GGM Gastro Iberica
  • Tienda De Artículos De Hostelería en Barcelona
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  • 4.6
GGM Gastro Iberica
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Empresa dedicada a la venta de equipos de hostelería.
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Avenida Meridiana 525, 08016 Barcelona, España
Reseñas de Google
1.943 reseñas
Bobby Walker
3 weeks ago
There seems to be zero after sales support. Delivered an item that does not match the description and my business is currently closed because I'm stuck with the equipment in my small shop. Their after sales is uncontactable. Update: I've been contacting the email addresses you provided since day one, as well as "live chat" (which is a bot) and your phone numbers.
Danny Huwang
a month ago
Will not order from them again, their customer service is very bad and slow, just hope I can get my money back
Tatiana Reznik
7 months ago
Worst company ever. Took our money for 3 months, never delivered the articles. Then refunded the half. No telephone number, no contacts. Seems like the staff is smoking weed with their strangest emails and so-called answers that doesn’t answer anything.
6 months ago
Terrible customer service. They do not accept returns of new machines when the machines don't work properly. They simply ignore your complaints and say they cannot accept the products back. Look further in other companies. If you have any problems They will not solve anything.
Nick G
a year ago
Worst customer service ever, have been waiting for two tables for over 3 weeks now, I gave them all the information they needed to avoid paying the taxes and still they weren't able to proceed my order, they have been asking me for a direction in order to validate the VIES when they only need my full name and identification number which have been validated. It even says on their own form which they sent me a screenshot that the direction is optional....... They even tried to make me pay it at some point..... They might have good quality products but the service is terrible, better provide yourself with another equipment company....
Old Town Vic
a year ago
Its been a year we installed almost every equipment of GGM in the kitchen when we were starting our Restaurant. Now its the time we need some assistance. One of the oven thermostat wasn't working we couldn't find the replacement online. We called them more then 5 times personally and provide them every information that was needed to find the solution and every time they said that they will send us the information after consulting Germany but they didn't . No doubt GGM has really good products but they lack in service. That can be improved. Non professional behavior doesn't suit to this kind of company .
Cris Crown
a year ago
This is probably the worst customer service I have ever received. The website doesn't work properly with the payments, on emails the get things wrong constantly, and over the phone they are extremely rude. The products haven't been received yet but the purchasing process has been horrible so far. I hope everything else is better.
Jaeyong lee
10 months ago
Nice smell and taste
Brett Taylor
3 years ago
Really bad. Do not buy from them as they are not reliable. I'm waiting to get my money back from some goods that I have bought 3 months ago. I'm getting legal advice on this Not happy at all
Yadira Batista Gonce
10 months ago
Great representation at BBF!
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