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Enjoy Acupuncture
Welcome to Enjoy Acupuncture Clinic in Gaithersburg! We're your go-to place for natural healing. Our experts use acupuncture, a proven method to help you feel better. Whether you have pain, stress, or just want to be healthier, we're here for you. Come visit us and experience the benefits of acupuncture for yourself.
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501 N Frederick Ave, Suite 216, Gaithersburg, MD 20877-2507, United States
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Johnny Chou
2 months ago
Dr. Yao is compassionate towards with his patients. He wholeheartedly made me felt that I was his only patient, and provided me with one of the best acupuncture I have ever had. He is very humble, and very trustworthy. The sore pain in my back, and leg went away after my appointment with Dr. Yao. I highly, and highly recommend Dr. Yao.
Mily v
a month ago
I want to say how pleased and grateful I am to have found Enjoy acupuncture it has been the best decision I’ve ever made after trying so many different treatments for my chronic migraine and back pain this has been so far the best results. My pain has considerably decreased and my body feels much better I feel years younger and filled with energy. If you’re looking to improve your health and suffer from any pain or discomfort look no more this is the place you need to go. I definitely recommend Enjoy Acupuncture and will definitely keep coming back
3 months ago
Have been to several acupuncturists in the area and even worked in one of their offices for a few years because of my belief in acupuncture. Dr. Yao by far has been one of the best acupuncturist I’ve ever experienced for not just one condition, but treatment of various conditions. He is extremely thorough, gentle and most observant. He takes his time with his patients and listens to all their concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone who is apprehensive about acupuncture or even afraid of needles like I was. I assure you that you will not feel the needles. I cannot say enough about his professionalism. You will not be disappointed.
Jessie N.J.
2 months ago
My job requires a lot of bending forward, leading to constant low back pain. Thankfully, I found Dr. Yao! His treatments have made a huge difference. With just two sessions, his treatments have brought immense relief to my back pain. He also provided much-needed assistance with my fatigue and insomnia. He is very patient, nice and professional! Highly recommended!!!
Damaris Canas
2 months ago
Dr. Yao has helped me tremendously. I’ve been suffering with back and leg pain. I’ve heard healing pain through acupuncture and wanted to try it for myself. I am very happy with the results although I still feel pain this has help relieve a lot of it. If you need an alternative to western medicine, you must come here!
Hong Gu
5 months ago
My friend recommended Enjoy Acupuncture to me based on her experience. Dr. Yao is very helpful and knowledgeable. He listens to your questions and takes time to explain everything. The place is very clean, organized, and relaxing. I like Enjoy Acupuncture so much that I drive over an hour one way to get my treatment there.
3 months ago
I had sciatic pains on both of my legs. I hardly could bend forward nor walk normally. I researched for an acupuncturist on my insurance co’s website. I found Dr. Yao info. In my first session with Dr. Yao, he listened carefully and attentively to my symptoms. He took the time to find the sore points and treated the ailments with tender care. He provided extra services with cupping. He also treated my other illnesses without charging extras. I was getting better after several visits. I highly recommended Dr. Yao.
XiaoCheng Ma
2 months ago
I've suffered from chronic headaches for years, and my friend recommend Dr.Yao for me.He really took the time to understand my headaches and made me feel comfortable right from the start. After just a few sessions, my headaches have improved significantly. I used to wake up every day with a pounding head, but now I feel refreshed. Dr. Yao is a true healer, and I'm incredibly grateful for his expertise.I highly recommend giving Dr. Yao a visit.
Sherry Ding
8 months ago
I went to Enjoy Acupuncture for my shoulder pain and stomach pain. Dr. Yao is very nice and friendly to his patients. His acupuncture skill is excellent and he has deep knowledge of herb medicine. Dr. Yao addressed all my questions, did acupuncture and cupping for me during my visit. My symptoms got better after the visit. This clinic is my go to spot.
Z. Eubanks
7 months ago
Dr. Howard Yao was awesome. He took his time to get know me and do an assessment. I feel better. Please support him. He is worth it.
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