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Harshita Goel
2 weeks ago
Who says Social media is a means of time pass... For me it has proved a blessing from my good God as it introduced me to Dr. Sanchita Dharne. She is just superb. I had never ever thought that my PCOD can ever b controlled. I always used to go for Allopathy but the problem re-occur. So I went for Homeopathic. Medicines. Since Aug 21, I am getting diagnosed by Dr. Dharne and my PCOD is almost 80% cured. Her way of treating her patients is so friendly. She do not undergo useless tests n unnecessary medicines with side effects. Her guidance n medicines are always fruitful. Thank u Mam... U are just a miracle who came in my life :)
gurdeep kaur
4 months ago
My experience with Dr. Sanchita is excellent. Homeopathy treatment for pcos/pcod problems is very quite effective . She is very good doctor . I am very thankful to you mam.
silvia betran
6 months ago
My experience with Dr Sanchita it has been so far excellent ! She is treating me for fibroid ( a big one) in a few months my bleeding is under control, I feel overall a lot better. She listens to my concerns and problems as no dr ( conventional and homeopath ) has listened to me before. I am in South America . I will continue with her and I do highly recommend her and the clinic !
Ipshita Sarkar
4 months ago
My PCOS problem is being finally cured through homeopathic medicines. Had tried a lot of other options but didn't see visible changes but for first I am feeling the change. Dr. Sanchita is very good doctor and she digs deep into the root cause and tries to solve the issue.
Hemlata Dahare
a month ago
Thanks you Dr Sanchita, for providing me relief from my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) symptoms.It won't be an exaggeration if I call you the torchbearer of PCOS treatment.Your Homeopathic remedies worked exactly the same way as you had described during my first session of online consultation with you.Your approach of digging deeper into the case is highly commendable.Can't thank you enough.Highly recommended.❤️👍
8 months ago
I'm so glad I decided to get homeopathic treatment for PCOS from you. Thanks from bottom of my heart Dr. Sanchita. Your knowledge about the intricacies of PCOS is impressive and assuring .what I liked the most is the clarity of your thoughts and the simplicity in your approach . I was so over -reliant on medicines . Now , and thanks to you, my medicines box is empty for months. Compared to what I was a year back , I feel so much reinvigorated. Keep up this good work doctor.
Dhanya Simon
5 months ago
My experience with Dr. Sanchita is excellent. She treated pcos for me. I would like to suggest Dr Sanchita . She listens our concerns and problems as a friend. Thanks a lot
Pramila Kindarle
9 months ago
Without any doubt, Dr. Sanchita you are the best homeopathy doctor for PCOS. I consider myself one of the living examples of PCOS homeopathy success stories. I'm so so thankful to you Dr. Sanchita, I can't express in words. The detailing and depth at which you go is unparalleled. Hatt off. Keep this spirit of yours intact. There are many women like me who need doctors like you. God bless you.
dinesh tripathi
a year ago
Dr. Sanchita, is the best doctor, I am realy thankful to her the way she handled my wife consulted many problems like thyroid & some other issues. She always gave me positive consultation and made me feel happy and wife absolutely fine after 15 days treatment. She is best homeopathic doctor from my last few months experience so far. I suggest you all to meet him once if you have related issues.
Reet Hans
a year ago
Dr. Sanchita is an amazing doctor.One of my cousin told me about her 3 years back and even today me and my family completely relies on her. One thing which always amazes me about her is the dedication to know every minute medical details of her patient to understand the root cause of the disease. She is really generous when it comes to helping her patients even on phone/whatsapp. Her patience is also remarkable, I highly recommend her.
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