Sanjeevani Hospital- Centre for Computer assisted Surgeries.
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Sanjeevani Hospital- Centre for Computer assisted Surgeries.
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Rucha Wankhede
3 years ago
Had my mother's treatment done at this facility by Dr.Sushrut Rajan. Excellent support, diagnosis and treatment must say. Hers was quite a complex medical case to diagnose accurately i feel, since many others before that we visited didnt have an apt diagnosis.But Dr. Sushrut did a great job at it, in the first go. Hassle free treatment and care from the very best in field and city today. Thank you Sir. Strongly recommended.
Dilip Mirzapure
6 years ago
My mother, who is 87 years old and has arthritis, has recently been treated by Dr. Sushrut Rajan at Sanjeevani Hospital. The staff were friendly and helpful and treated mum with dignity and respect and accommodated her individual needs, caused by her arthritis. The procedure was carried out quickly and professionally with very high standards of hygiene, health and safety. Thank you.
The Musical Dentist (Janhavi Naik)
3 years ago
I had an accident in April 2019, which resulted in a Colle's fracture in my left wrist. I was so scared...but Dr Rajan reduced my fracture the very same day expertly. 6 weeks in a cast and excellent Physiotherapy later, my wrist was good as new! I cannot thank Dr Rajan enough! Excellent staff and clean sterile OT....very much recommended!
purabi patgiri
6 years ago
Dr. Sushrut is one of the best orthopedic doctor i have came across. Polite, understanding and very important he is always present when you will need him.Thank you so much for your support and confidence for which i have been able to overcome my fear and walk so early then expected.
Nandini Adhikari
a year ago
I am thankful to Dr Sushrut for attending me at the wee hours when i went with an unbearable pain because or ankle sprain. The hospital staff is kind and helpful.
4 years ago
Bets Orthopedic Surgeon I have came across till date. My father had a problem of AVN hip joint and now he is all good and better ,happily back to normal. Thanx to his guidance and helping. I will suggest this is the best hospital for all the Orthopedic conditions.
shantanu khedkar
6 years ago
Clear and positive communication with the patient and his/her relatives,regarding the cause of ailment and the proposed treatment, is one of the positive aspect regarding this place. Apart from this, helpful Doctor and supportive staff, releaves the pressure of being at a hospital for some or the other treatment.
anandi iyer
6 years ago
My Mother,80years old,who was suffering from knee pain since many years, underwent Knee Replacement by the latest technology at the Sanjivani hospital.Dr.Shushrut and Dr.Rajan performed the surgery.She is able to go about doing her chores without any pain now. Thanks to the Drs
Rajnish Kumar
3 years ago
One of the best doctor in nagpur for knee n hip replacement ,my patient from bihar age -72 n she is not able to stand up ,dr.sushrut replace her knee n she is very well after replacement,staff are also cooperative
Snehalata Suresh
6 years ago
Very talented n brilliant doctor who is a master in his operative skills and the same time is a very humble honest and down to earth in Nature..I never felt i am getting my grandmother operate in a hospital...It was all the more homely feeling with a friendly hospital nursing staff and most important an easily approachable doctor...
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