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Dan's Denture Clinic
Dan's Denture Clinic is a trusted destination for top-quality denture services in Northeast Edmonton. We're a leading-edge, progressive denture clinic providing various solutions to meet your needs. From complete dentures to partial dentures and denture repair and relines, we are here to serve you. Our denture care center specializes in implant-supported dentures, immediate dentures, and permanent dentures. We offer digitally designed dentures, ensuring precision and comfort in every smile. With an in-house lab and three months of adjustment support, we guarantee your satisfaction. Located in the heart of Northeast Edmonton, we serve Bannerman, Belmont, Belvedere, Kirkness, Miller, York, Glengarry, Kildare, & beyond.
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Wheelchair accessible parking lot · Wheelchair accessible restroom · Wheelchair accessible seating ·
Wheelchair accessible parking lot · Wheelchair accessible restroom · Wheelchair accessible seating ·
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172 Manning Crossing Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5A 5A1, Canada
Complete Dentures
Denture Modifications
Are your dentures fitting well and looking great but the back teeth are worn down? We can replace the back teeth on your dentures at substantial savings for you over replacement.
Digital Dentures
Duraflex Partial Dentures
A far better and more permanent solution to those acrylic flipper partial dentures. They actually fit really well and massage your gums while you are eating. Gums remain healthier and they are hypoallergenic.
Enhansed suction dentures
Equilibrated dentures
Are you considering implants or just want the best in complete dentures? We take great care in making the bite registrations and measure your face for kinematics. the result is far less grinding in occlusions and longer lasting teeth. We can use either porcelain or composite teeth too.
Implant overdentures
Neutral Zone Dentures
These dentures use a different type of impression and offer far more stability than conventional dentures. Great for people with flat ridges.
Partial Dentures
Now with three choices using either acrylic, duraflex or titanium frames.
Titanium framework milled partial dentures.
These dentures were top of the line due to the milling of titanium. We scan in your final models and have some titanium frames which are light and fit really well.
Immediate Dentures
Denture Repair
Implant Supported Dentures
Denture Relines
Dentures and Partials
Partial Tooth Denture
Dentures and Partial Dentures
Implant Dentures
Implants and Dentures
Dental Implant and Dentures
Fixed Partial Denture
Denture Repair Near Me
Full Mouth Denture Implants
Same Day Dentures Near Me
Denture Partials
Upper Partial Denture
false Teeth Repair
Upper Partial Teeth
Upper Teeth Partials
Same Day Dentures
Acrylic Partials
Duraflex Partials
Titanium Partials
Implant Secured Dentures
Denture Implant Supported
Partial Teeth
Partial Dentures For Front Teeth
Partial Dentures For Back Teeth
Partials For Back Teeth
Walk In Denture Repair Near Me
Dentures Near Me Northeast Edmonton
Dentures Near Me Edmonton
Dentures Near Me Alberta
Google Reviews
15 reviews
Julie Ford
a year ago
Dan did an amazing job on my Moms new set of dentures, he was kind and joked around with her, which she loves, very down to earth. A great job Dan and staff, Thank you very much. I Highly recommend!!
Beverley Nilson
2 years ago
Highly recommend this place. Had a flex partial made and they feel so normal and comfortable. My dentist relined my wired partial and did the casts wrong so it was totally ruined. Dan was very knowledgeable and made sure the plate fit properly and was always patient with the process. Color is right, tooth length was right and it looks so natural. Highly recommend this denturist for any dental appliances. Thanks Dan for everything. My friend said ` No one ever says their teeth are comfortable` but mine are!
melody auld
10 months ago
I came to Dan's denture clinic a very unhappy person,I had my first set made June 22 by another denturist and they were terrible.I went to see Dan and he has made me up a brand new way more natural looking dentures
ML Chen
4 years ago
After some appointments with different dentist, and denture clinic, I thought Dan’s denture clinic is the best choice for me. Dan is experienced, professional, friendly, and honest. He explained all detail about the partial denture I wanted. Wednesday I tried on my denture it is thin and comfortable. Dan told me to go in if I need adjustment that’s no appointment needed. Today Dan made a little bit adjustment so my denture fit even better. It’s lucky for me with this great denture clinic in my neighborhood.
Phil Schroeder
6 years ago
Just got home after seeing Dan at 1 pm... it's just after 3:30... added a tooth to my partial to make it a full denture, and relined it for the best fit I've ever had. All for slightly over half of what he quoted me for the end cost. Ya... great service, great quality, and an unbeatable price. I'll be taking my business to Dan for my denture work for sure.
5 years ago
Good service and they made me feel comfortable . They did a durable partial denture and I love it because no metal. He.did.Not rush through anything and was very thorough to give advice with lots of options. Nice warm waiting room and the receptionist was kind. Followup adjustments were no charge and no appointment needed. P
Darrel Buchanan
4 years ago
I had a repair for a partial/flipper. After 1 week of going back and forth, spending hours at a time in the office ,I am really no better off. This unprofessional and ridiculous experience cost me a lot of time and money for something I cannot use. I am leaving out a lot of passive aggressive things that were said, but this is enough. I paid for the effort and not for a usable product.
Ehtine Travel and Dual Citizen
2 years ago
Thanks to Dan's clinic. He helps me a lot and relieve my gum's pain. Highly recommended thanks Dan. Christine Rempel
Anna Macdonald
3 years ago
Great service , high quality dentures ,very personal and patient, always tries to fit the patient's budget , no waiting for follow up. Highly recommended.
Bruce Smid
a year ago
Repair took no time. New set took 2 weeks total. Great work.
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