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Country Life Assisted Living
21 reviews
Laura Long
4 months ago
Country Life Assisted Living went so far above and beyond in their level of care and attention they provided for my husband's mother, whom was very ill with already complicated issues compounded by stroke and dementia among a few. They always called us, always kept us in the loop and always tried their very best to work with us and our mom to make her as comfortable as possible. May she rest in peace free of every pain she had, we know she wasn't alone in their care and it was like having and extended family with in 6 minutes of our home. Thank you for all you have done for Lula, and all that you do for the elderly entrusted in your care! The Long Family
Kathy Clary
11 months ago
Our love one was in Country Life exactly 1 month when he passed (Hospice informed us of him entering the final stages of death 3 days prior, so they knew it was a matter of days, not weeks or months). We were told by Chelsea that they do not prorate the monthly rent ($4600)not even for the 18 hours total he was there on day 1) and insisted that I signed and initialed the agreement and we were responsible for the upcoming month that our loved one would not be there due to them losing out by having to turn people away. Pleas note: the agreement clearly states that it will terminate immediately upon death. This conversation happened when she returned my call inquiring about the situation just as we were watching Joe being transported away. She was highly defensive and condescending and when I expressed to her that I felt that was unacceptable to charge a month when he would bot be there and they will be double dipping because I was sure they would have his bed filled in a matter of days since she expressed they were turning people away at this time. She finally stated that she would accept no less than 1/2 a months rent ($2300) for the 18 hours he was there. Due to the pain we were currently under at the loss of our love one, I interrupted her and told here I appreciated the "Grace" that she was extending to us knowing the expense we were facing and ended the call. It wasn't until after I felt pressured to pay the expense for services not rendered that she expressed her condolences to us for our loss. Please pay attention when you are signing your love one up an ensure that you will not sign that clause until a provision is agreed upon or they update their agreement to include a pro-rated option to the love ones family upon death. Zero compassion when it comes to $$$$ for Country Life.
Brenda wernette
2 years ago
My sister Karen Traylor is a fairly new resident. The home is absolutely beautiful! Always clean and the staff is very professional, helpful and very caring. They have gone above and beyond to get Karen physical therapy and other help she needs. I feel very blessed that we found such a wonderful place for her. The owner and the administrator are so easy to converse with and alway ready and willing to help. The staff works as a team which is very important and impressive ! Just know how much we appreciate everyone!!
Deena Mortimer
3 years ago
The owners work hard to make their residents happy, healthy, safe and comfortable in their facility! The staff are just wonderful with the residents and are always so happy to help family and loved ones, with anything they need, all while providing excellent care! If you're looking for a community like feel then this is the place for you or your loved ones!
Mary Oberlender
3 years ago
The staff are awesome caring people. They treat Mom like family. The facility is clean and well maintained. Mom has been there since 2015 and we wouldn't trade them for the world. Thank you all so very much for the excellent care provided.
Efriam Gutierrez
3 years ago
This is the best place to bring your loved one for assisted living. The staff is top notch and not like any other assisted living facility. This place feels like a home very warm and welcoming. Don't hesitate to call them to place your loved one here.
Sandra Brown
4 years ago
We were looking for a clean caring place for my sister in her final month. I believe that God directed me to Country Life. She was in a nursing home in Castorville that was so depressing and uncaring. I live out of state so I started searching online and the Website for Country Life came up, I knew in my heart that this was the place. I immediately called and the owner answered and took so much time with me explaining what they do and the quality of care that my sister would receive, you can't believe the relief that came over me after talking the Chelsae. We arranged to have my sister moved from the assisted living in Castorville to Country Life and the difference was incredible. My sister wasn't able to get up or do anything but the care she received was so amazing, the entire staff was so caring and was always checking on her to make sure her needs were met. The shining star of country Life is ChristyAnn, what a God send she is, so kind, caring and knowledgable. She is always there and available for any situation. Although I live in Florida, ChristyAnn kept in constant touch with me. Please, if you have to make a decision for you for your loved one, Country Life is the only choice. Sadly, my sister wasn't there very long before she passed but ChristyAnn called me and kept me apprised of everything going on, even though Sally passed in October, ChristyAnn sent me a text in December just to see how I was doing.... who does that? The caring and loving staff at Country Life
Gwen Fluitt
a year ago
We visited a friend today and were absolutely impressed by the grounds, staff and the home. Country Life should be an example for all assisted living facilities. Thank you!!
Bonney Nowak
a year ago
Putting Mom in their caring hands was the best decision ever,not only did they show care towards mom but also towards my family.
7 months ago
Abusive bosses like Christy Ann that talks down to her employees
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