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Columbia Urgent Care
Our team strives to provide high quality health care at a fair and reasonable price. We offer Urgent Care, Primary Care, Lab Services, Pain Management, Medical Marijuana Certifications, and also provide a Weight Loss Clinic. Walk-ins are welcome.
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Wheelchair accessible entrance · Wheelchair accessible parking lot · Wheelchair accessible restroom ·
Wheelchair accessible entrance · Wheelchair accessible parking lot · Wheelchair accessible restroom ·
Gender-neutral restroom · Restroom ·
619-621 North Providence Rd, Columbia, MO 65203, United States
Weight Loss Clinic
Personalized Diet, Exercise, and Medication Plan to individually fit patient goals. *This service is NOT covered by insurances* We offer a discount for referring friends and/or family.
COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 & Antibody Swab Testing (Results in 48-72hrs) *Please call our office before arrival so we can take necessary precautions*
Primary Care
*Primary Care patients require established care appointments with Dr. Morris* Allergies, Cold & Flu, Upset Stomach, Sinus, Respiratory & Ear Infections, Body Pains & Aches, Headaches, UTIs, Dermatological Conditions. We offer a $100 cash pay discount for patients without insurance.
Urgent Care
Suturing & Removal, Burn & Wound Care, Cold, Flu, Virus' & Infections, Allergies, Body Pains & Aches, Nose Bleeds, Dermatological Conditions. Rapid Testing For UA, Flu, Strep, Mono & Pregnancy, COIVD-19 & Antibody Blood Testing (Results in 48-72hrs) *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Telehealth (Virtual Visits)
We offer Telehealth Visits over VSEE typically for FOLLOW UP appointments that may include: Weight-Loss, Primary care, Urgent Care & Pain Management. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Lab Services
TESTING: COVID-19 & Antibody, STD, Urinalysis, Tuberculosis. RAPID TESTING: Strep, Flu, Mono, Pregnancy & GI Bleeding. SCREENING: Drug, Diabetes, Anemia, Genetic Risk Screenings for Cardiac, Medication, Cancer, & Alzheimers. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Medical Marijuana Certifications
MEDICAL RECORDS REQUIRED Patients will need to provide medical records supporting their qualifying conditions. Qualifying Conditions: -Cancer -Epilepsy -Glaucoma -Chronic Pain -Anxiety/PTSD -Addiction -Migraines -HIV/AIDS -Terminal Illness -Common Chronic Illness -Immune Deficiency
Pain Management
X-rays, Splinting, Acute & Chronic Pain, Medication. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Google Reviews
128 reviews
Maura Glaeser
6 days ago
I went to this location with a multitude of symptoms on July 2. They did a Covid test on me. My work told me I couldn’t come back until I got my results back. Well, it’s officially been 2 weeks with NO WORD on my results. I gave up on Friday last week and went to Walgreens to do a rapid test (which came back negative). However, I’d love to know what it is I actually had. Maybe they’ll call me someday. I doubt it. If I waited on this urgent care to give me my results, I would’ve been out 2-weeks of work for no reason.
lexi dabbs
2 weeks ago
I don't normally write negative reviews, but I felt I needed to for this. I do not go to the doctor's unless I know I'm really sick and need to receive medication. I went in for respiratory complications, which I assumed was bronchitis/pneumonia because I've had both before and recognized the symptoms. The front desk worker was very kind and helpful, I waited maybe 30 minutes to go back (I don't mind waiting). The doctor saw me for maybe 5 minutes and didn't even bother to read my chart. Kept telling me I "just have the flu" and then laughed at me when I explained that it didn't feel like the flu and that I'm coughing up mucus. She said she didn't think I needed medication and ran a COVID test swab, even though I'm fully vaccinated. Said the test results would take 2-4 days. I then said, "Okay, if the results come back that I do in fact have bronchitis or pneumonia, will you actually give me medication then?" She laughs again and then questions me to try to make me prove that I'm "actually sick". Said I could just come back in if it got worse. I asked, "Why can't you just take care of me right now?" She sighs and finally agrees to give me an antibiotic. I called back 3 days later for my results, they weren't ready. Called a week after my visit, COVID came back negative, respiratory illness report was still being processed. Didn't bother calling back again and have not received a call for my final results. Was billed $745.00 to not be taken seriously, given a COVID swab, and to be rushed out. Will never be returning here.
Jessie Overfelt
a month ago
So this is the third time that I have been in there to see Dr. Morris. His staff and himself are great people they are very helpful and they get you in and out very fast for. And they address everything you tell them you fee is wrong. Great people I highly recommend going and seeing them way better than a emergency room
Dakota Happe (Zarrotox)
2 weeks ago
Dr. Morris and his team, took very VERY good care of me over the course of two weeks. The whole experience was full of good advice, excellent Healthcare and the mans. got an excellent sense of humor. I had a large burn from a motorcycle accident that ran nearly the whole length of my leg and kept me from work for close to two weeks. Could have been much longer if not for Columbia Urgent Care.
2 weeks ago
Glad that I went to this place instead of going to an emergency room or any other urgent care in the town where you are just a number. Dr. Morris has his individual approach, professional, efficient. I got a good prescription and treatment. Highly recommend.
Roland Ounanian
a month ago
Very friendly staff, great atmosphere. Most of all, the head doctor Johnny Morris is very fast and very efficient and gets straight to the point with you with a fantastic attitude. He has a great demeanor about everything medical wise.
Renee G
a month ago
Wonderful doctor and staff. Great bedside manner and explanation of diagnosed symptoms. This office provided prompt and customer centric medical services. (TEXAS resident)
a month ago
I had a telehealth visit with them and they were able to do so right away. The Dr. that owns the place was who I spoke with and he was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and quick to help me. Very lovely experience.
Kylie Ruprecht
2 months ago
CUC is far and away the best urgent care I've ever been to. The entire staff was very friendly and comforting from start to finish. I got my issue taken care of quickly and expertly. I literally don't know what I would have done if not for the great care I received here. Wonderful service overall.
Luke Lore
a month ago
I don't have time today to explain everything but I will very soon. You need to be aware of all of the facts and truth about all of the people who work here as well as every thing that happens at this place! I was completely oblivious until I become victim of the horrendous, unprofessional, and unethical practices of this place or might I say the choices of the Dr who runs the place! Also I recorded all phone conversations as well as backed up all electronic communication! So these are not things that are my opinion nor are they subjective! These are facts I can back up with all of the proof needed and then some and if anyone would like copies I'll be more than happy to provide them! To be continued... ...!
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