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Columbia Urgent Care
Our team strives to provide high quality health care at a fair and reasonable price. We offer Urgent Care, Primary Care, Lab Services, Pain Management, Medical Marijuana Certifications, and also provide a Weight Loss Clinic. Walk-ins are welcome.
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Wednesday9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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COVID-19 testing center ·
COVID-19 testing center ·
Wheelchair accessible entrance · Wheelchair accessible restroom ·
Gender-neutral restroom · Restroom ·
619-621 North Providence Rd, Columbia, MO 65203, United States
Weight Loss Clinic
Personalized Diet, Exercise, and Medication Plan to individually fit patient goals. *This service is NOT covered by insurances* We offer a discount for referring friends and/or family.
COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 & Antibody Swab Testing (Results in 48-72hrs) *Please call our office before arrival so we can take necessary precautions*
Primary Care
*Primary Care patients require established care appointments with Dr. Morris* Allergies, Cold & Flu, Upset Stomach, Sinus, Respiratory & Ear Infections, Body Pains & Aches, Headaches, UTIs, Dermatological Conditions. We offer a $100 cash pay discount for patients without insurance.
Urgent Care
Suturing & Removal, Burn & Wound Care, Cold, Flu, Virus' & Infections, Allergies, Body Pains & Aches, Nose Bleeds, Dermatological Conditions. Rapid Testing For UA, Flu, Strep, Mono & Pregnancy, COIVD-19 & Antibody Blood Testing (Results in 48-72hrs) *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Telehealth (Virtual Visits)
We offer Telehealth Visits over VSEE typically for FOLLOW UP appointments that may include: Weight-Loss, Primary care, Urgent Care & Pain Management. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Lab Services
TESTING: COVID-19 & Antibody, STD, Urinalysis, Tuberculosis. RAPID TESTING: Strep, Flu, Mono, Pregnancy & GI Bleeding. SCREENING: Drug, Diabetes, Anemia, Genetic Risk Screenings for Cardiac, Medication, Cancer, & Alzheimers. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Medical Marijuana Certifications
MEDICAL RECORDS REQUIRED Patients will need to provide medical records supporting their qualifying conditions. Qualifying Conditions: -Cancer -Epilepsy -Glaucoma -Chronic Pain -Anxiety/PTSD -Addiction -Migraines -HIV/AIDS -Terminal Illness -Common Chronic Illness -Immune Deficiency
Pain Management
X-rays, Splinting, Acute & Chronic Pain, Medication. *We Offer a $100 Cash Pay Discount*
Google Reviews
173 reviews
Seda Guler
6 months ago
From the front desk staff to the doctors here, everyone gives excellent and professional service. I came in for a rapid covid test for travel purposes. The process was easy and quick. I understand that the wait times can occur due to every place in Columbia being so backed up in testing, but everyone here does their best to get you the service and care you need as soon as they can. Thank you Dr. Jacob and the rest of the staff for being dedicated to providing excellent service during these hard times. I would recommend this place to everyone.
Krystal B85
4 months ago
This is a wonderful urgent care. I have seen Dr. Morris on several occasions. He always takes the time to really listen to your needs/concerns. They take really good care of their patients. I hurt my back in the last snow fall. They got me in fast and I saw both Dr. Brown and Dr. Morris. They helped me with my herniated disc's and I felt like they really listened and helped me. I am grateful for them.
Hannah Gilbreath
5 months ago
From the moment I walked in to be treated I was greeted with friendly and helpful staff. The doctors were professional and their attention to detail was beyond any doctor visit I have had in the past. Being a walk-in clinic, you would think you’d be waiting forever but I was treated quickly and efficiently. I would definitely go back and recommend others to visit with medical needs.
Jessica Cosner
4 months ago
I was in a car accident 5 years ago. I ended up with cervical dystonia, several annular tears in my neck and shoulder, whiplash, a collapsed shoulder, and DDD in my lower back. I had months of physical therapy, bed rest, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, steroid injections, nerve blocks, you name it I tried for relief. My final option was pain management, which was pills. I lived this way for years. The side effects of the pills, which, in my opinion was just as bad as the injuries. I finally had to quit my beloved career as a nail technician. Every aspect of my life suffered, I cried and suffered daily. My daughter had to suffer also, with me being in bed and medicated so much. I have heard of stem cells but didn’t really know what they were. Doctor Morris, was kind enough to explain them to me, they helped me understand this can heal torn muscles and many other issues. The first injection is the stem cell, it is very painful I won’t lie. The healing started that day. A few days after that I could already tell a difference. A few weeks after Doctor Morris did a different injection to further activate the stem cell. Even more relief happened. This time I was able to reduce my pain medicine! Fast forward 8 months and another injection, and I am driving, lifting weights, involved with my daughter, normal activities, and just living again. Best of all I am off ALL pain medicine! There are several great things about stem calls, it isn’t a chemical, it is a onetime injection, it grows your own tissue, no surgery, and so many more perks to this option. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, if you have severe chronic pain like I did, I urge you to get your life back. I can also give you this Doctor’s information. He is local in Columbia Missouri. I feel I have a second chance at life, I am still healing, I can’t wait to see what I am capable of as more time passes, I can’t thank Doctor Morris, and his wonderful team at Columbia Urgent Care for going above and beyond to care about my life.
Asheanus Yancy
2 months ago
Dr. Joel was amazing made me at ease. As we all know going to the doctor can be nerve racking, he listened to my concerns as well as past medical history. I felt valued and not just another patient.
Barbie Smith
2 months ago
Let me say first, I have been to this location twice and the care I got was fantastic. I told all my family and friends. In my town 30 minutes away we don't have medical facilities. They seemed to care deeply and got me back quickly each visit. I paid my co-pay up front and thought I was good to go. My first visit was for a simple UTI, I was informed that they would send off for a culture and sensitivity (very normal) to make sure I was on the right medicine. I worked in Healthcare 13 years and this isn't my first UTI so I knew that is very normal. Fast forward to 4 months later... I get a EOB from my insurance company that the lab they sent the culture to charged $1276.57! I called and spoke with Urgent care and Dr. Morris. He called "sam" who I found later was the area sales rep for the lab. Sam and Dr proceed to have a tense conversation about that the Dr has yet another patient over charged. Sam tells him to have me call and talk to Lindsey Tierney. But it would need to be the next day. Dr Morris expresses frustration for this issue and says that this is one reason why he spent 100k to have his own lab. So, I called the next day to this lab. That was a separate review in its self for this place. After 3 different stories I get told that the lab doesn't do just a culture and sensitivity that they only perform a more intricate PCR test and that I should have been told that. I was not told that at all. She said that it was on "Sam" as the sales rep if he didn't explain their testing accurately to the Dr's. Even more so off is that she says that she would reduce my bill to 150.00 if I paid CASH. So, this special test cost more than $1200 but for cash it doesn't?! I called my insurance company and they want me to call a fraud hotline because this all is very strange. Also, my medical records were sent to this lab. I wasn't notified of the records being sent. I understand it was for the purpose of them frauding my insurance. But I should have been told my records were going to somewhere else besides my insurance or my PCP facility. So, because this place wasn't informed (or maybe were), that the lab they were using were not doing just a simple C&S on urinalysis I was stuck with an outrageous bill. People can't just up and afford things like that. It is likely that had the test I was told was to be done, was done and that my insurance was billed correctly then I would likely not even have the 150.00 bill. But, who cares there because they aren't the ones who have to pay for their mistake. I am the one who does. They clearly based on the words of Dr. Morris and the tense conversation between he and Sam do not have a good educated partnership with this lab they were using. Sad that I wonder how many other people were the victim of a similar situation. Now, I have notified all my family and friends that I had previously recommended to go here that while the visit was amazing, make sure you don't do any tests and get an upfront price if they do. I would be VERY guarded and cautious utilizing this Urgent care. I gave 3 stars instead of 2 that I want because fairly they were very nice and quick and good upfront and they are only half responsible for the miscommunication between them and their partnered lab. I called and asked for a return call of Dr. Morris since I had additional information from this lab they use and 2 days later I still yet have gotten any return call. I am doubtful I ever will get a return call. Long story short, be very careful. I loved this place initially but now I think I will try a different place next time because I don't have that trust I once had.
Katrina Kilpack
a month ago
Best urgent care in Columbia very clean, short wait, and friendly staff. Thank you Bryce Alejandra for quality customer service. Better prices than other places around here and whole staff is very awesome
Kayla Holland
3 months ago
Great experience each and every time I have had to go, or take my children. Personal and individualized care, with great feedback, and a listening ear. It also helps that they are not over crowded. I hope it stays that way!
Angel Nunyabeezwax
a month ago
I called this office SPECIFICALLY asking for a Lyme Disease Test. When in the office for my checkup, the doctor kept trying to say I just have allergies but ordered SIX VIALS of blood to be drawn and NO LYME DISEASE TEST WAS CONDUCTED. Screw this place. They clearly don't listen to their patients and when I get my positive test I'll be back to rub it in yalls face with a lawsuit! I wouldn't have even let you waste my time drawing blood if you weren't giving me the test I am specifically asking for. I live alone with two toddlers! I don't have the luxury of waiting for psychotic symptoms to appear for a test. That's DANGEROUS FOR MY KIDS!!!
Emma Borage
6 months ago
Woke up with a sore throat and white on my tonsils, so I went to this urgent care to get a strep test. The wait was fine and the check-in was easy. I feel bad even writing this review because I actually thought the staff were very nice. Once I got looked at, the Dr looked at my throat and said I likely have strep. Then I got a COVID test (?) to apparently make sure that the strep wasn't caused by COVID... but then I never got a strep test. Dr just concluded I had strep by looking at my throat and decided to put me on a z-pack. This was on Saturday. Now it is Tuesday and this morning I checked my throat again and there were even more white spots, and some were larger. I pushed on them and turns out they were tonsil stones the whole time and I did not have strep. I was put on antibiotics for no reason and was not given a proper diagnosis. This problem could have easily been solved with a strep test, and I'm not sure why I did not get one.
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