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BVR Waste & Recycling
30 reviews
Sherri Roberts
5 months ago
Using BVR was the best decision for Texana Ranch. We have a lot of projects annually and BVR is the only company who can service our needs with a quick turn around !!!!
Virginia Buckley
7 months ago
I live in Montgomery. After Thanksgiving weekend both my teens and myself forgot our trash. This company is fantastic. They came up the side street and collected both cans from my house and emptied them for me. I was so excited. We bring our trash to the main street always, it was great that they came all the way to get it.
Eric Brown
9 months ago
Terrible first impression. I signed up for service. Had a bin delivered almost immediately and then they missed my first pick up day. When I called to inquire, they weren't sure when they would be able to make it by. Made no effort to rectify the situation, pretty much had to beg for an apology. Once those higher up were made aware, they addressed the situation satisfactorily and quickly. Thanks
Sam Crow
a year ago
They were a great company when I first started using them 2.5 years ago. They notified me during COVID that rates would slightly rise with inflation, which was reasonable. But this month, with no notice, they stopped providing their recycling service. When I called, they said it would be an additional $12.5 a month for me to continue recycling. When I called to cancel my services because of the extreme price hike, they told me my final service date and hung up mid-sentence. This drastic change in customer service makes me thing they recently changed management... I have switched to a different service.
Brandon Douglas
a year ago
Not the first time these guys won't grab some boxes. It's hit or miss with these people. If you're not going to pick up all of my garbage maybe I should pay you accordingly?
Rainshadow Uniquities
a year ago
They fail to give info to customers about changes to service…then when you call to inquire, you get rude customer service agents who seem so put out to answer your questions, and getting the info you need to get the services you need is like pulling teeth. At the end of the call, I hung up feeling like I’d greatly inconvenienced the lady that took my call simply by wanting to know my pickup schedule and set up recycling services. She couldn’t be bothered and directed me to the website. Absolutely horrific customer care here. It was so much better a couple of years ago when we first set up service, but that kind and personable lady no longer works there and has been replaced with the run-of-the-mill miserable employee that’s so common to find nowadays. Seriously, if you hate your job so much that responding to a simple customer service request annoys you, please don’t work where you have to interact with people. It almost makes me want to find one of the many other waste collection companies we have for options here in College Station and go with them instead, where they actually value their customers.
Natalie b
3 years ago
Review for the residential recycling service. We have been using them for almost a full year now and are consistently happy with the service! The office is always extremely quick and willing to help whenever I call and I have never had an issue with the truck not coming on a pickup day. I wish they took more types of plastic (just 1 and 2 currently) but I know that's not as easy as it sounds. One time I thought they missed pickup and I called the office. Turns out they came earlier than usual (but still within the official time range) so I just didn't have the cans out in time. Even though it was my mistake they had the truck swing by the next day to empty our can. Great pricing for every other week pickup.
Sarah Brindley
6 months ago
Operator was rude and unprofessional when I called to let them know they skipped my whole side of the street. Kept mumbling things under her breath.
Shae Janner
a year ago
We use BVR Waste and Recycling at our office and have not had any issues. They usually pick up before anyone gets to the office and they leave nothing behind. Great job!
Tammy Jaster
a year ago
BVR does a great job with trash and recycling pick up. Always on time or if there is an issue they resolve it quickly. Staff is very professional and polite!!! Highly recommend
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