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Emau Argueta
3 weeks ago
I’ll start off with, if I could give 0 stars I would. I wrote a review on the weekend of 04/27/24, I expressed my disappointment and frustration on the fact that I took my acer Porche Design laptop to be repaired due to water damage. I told him the issues and he claimed to be able to do the job, told me worst case scenario we would have to get a whole new motherboard replaced, that’s fine i understand that the laptop might need expensive fixes. He gave me a statement of $1050 on top of a $180 deposit just to have him look at the he laptop, he also claimed to deduct the deposit from the total if he were to do the job. I pay and he starts working, 1 week later I call for an update, I don’t expect the laptop to be ready, but I wanted an update on tracking etc. I was met with an extremely dismissive call and a rushed conversation with no update. 2 weeks later he calls me and claims the laptop is fixed and ready to be picked up, I tell him I can be at his business (his house) in 20 minutes, once again he’s extremely rude and says “yes please no later than 20 since I am leaving the house shortly”. First thing, why would you call me to tell me my property is ready to be picked up if you barely have the time to properly exchange my property? But that’s only the start, upon getting my laptop back I notice that the laptop doesn’t have a properly running WiFi driver, and when I tell him about it he says repair is not part of the “package”. Disappointed because the laptop is still not working, I leave a bad review. He reaches out worried about the review, not that my Laptop still had issues, and says he needs that taken down. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, all I want is for my laptop to work, I already paid, I just want my service, so I take down the review and take my laptop back to him. He said this help wasn’t in his “package” (odd since I never payed for a package). He refused to help until he saw my bad review and then he wanted to fix the issue. So now I have taken the laptop back to him for a SECOND time and he calls me to let me know that it was a faulty WiFi card and, importantly, he claims he will only charge me $100 for the new WiFi card, that he is not charging for labor, yet when I searched for prices on WiFi cards, there was nothing over $30, so this was the first major instance of him blatantly lying to me. I chose to ignore this fact because I just want to get my laptop fixed, I am a college student in the end of the semester, I have finals and last exams to do and I have not been able to do much for the past 4 weeks because of this individual constantly lying and cutting corners. But to get to the final straw, I get my laptop back and the WiFi was available, I was momentarily tricked though, because within 6 hours of having my laptop the WiFi driver disappears. I was able to fix the issue by restarting my laptop, but upon doing this I notice that my laptop, which had a fingerprint scanner, shows up as not having a compatible scanner for Windows Hello, which is extremely odd, and the Face ID doesn’t work either, two features that I had before all of this mess. I do further searching on my laptop and realize that the PC name is called Acer Swift, but I have an Acer Porche Design RS, those are not the same computers, the Swift is a different model, my assumption is that he lied about being able to handle this job, found a motherboard close enough to be compatible with the rest of the system, installed it, and now I’m left having to deal with the ramifications of his faulty work. Now today my laptop again doesn’t connect to the WiFi because the driver has disappeared, I have restarted my laptop and still the issue persist, I have made attempts to tell him that there’s an issue and he constantly claims it’s software. He, for the life of me, never owns up to his mistakes. The WiFi driver wasn’t a software issue, neither is the fingerprint scanner, and neither is this disappearing WiFi driver AGAIN. These are harsh words, but it has to be said, he is a cheap computer technician he’s a liar.
6 days ago
I recently had my Apple MacBook Pro repaired at AZ Computer Services LLC, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. They took the time to understand the issues I was facing with my laptop and explained the repair process in detail. The turnaround time was impressively quick, and my MacBook Pro now runs as smoothly as it did when it was new. The quality of the repair work was exceptional, and they used genuine parts, which gave me peace of mind. Additionally, their pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the high level of service and expertise they provided. I highly recommend AZ Computer Services LLC to anyone in need of computer repairs. Their professionalism, technical skills, and customer service are top-notch. I will definitely be returning for any future computer needs!
Abbey Howell
2 months ago
Adrian was really helpful in rescuing all my data from an external hard drive that was close to death. He got me in for an appointment immediately and got all my precious files restored and onto a new device within 24 hours. Really friendly and gave good advice for how to avoid this in the future!
Joaquin Chavez Buezo
6 months ago
I recently had the pleasure of engaging AZ Computer Services for a much-needed computer repair, and I must say, the experience exceeded my expectations. From the moment I placed the call, their customer service exhibited a level of professionalism that immediately put me at ease. The representative patiently listened to my concerns, asking insightful questions to pinpoint the issue accurately.The technician assigned to my case was not only punctual but also displayed an impressive depth of knowledge. They quickly diagnosed the problem and explained it to me in a way that was easy to understand, which I greatly appreciated. Throughout the repair process, the technician maintained a reassuring demeanor, instilling confidence that my computer was in capable hands.What truly set AZ Computer Services apart was their efficiency. The repair was completed swiftly, minimizing any disruption to my daily activities. The technician not only fixed the initial issue but also took the time to optimize my system for better performance, leaving me with a computer that felt rejuvenated.Furthermore, the pricing was transparent, and there were no surprise fees. AZ Computer Services demonstrated a commitment to honesty and integrity, traits that are unfortunately rare in the tech support industry. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend AZ Computer Services for their exceptional service. From outstanding customer support to skilled technicians and transparent pricing, they have proven themselves as a reliable partner in computer repairs. I now feel confident knowing that I have a go-to service for any future technical issues. Thank you, AZ Computer Services, for a job well done!
2 months ago
Had a great experience. Had an issue with my laptop's motherboard. and Adrian was able to repaid it within the same day. Saved me from having to replace the whole board. Prices seemed very reasonable. Thank you!
Hella Delacroix
a month ago
I usually don’t leave reviews if I don’t have good things to say, but I caution everyone to do your due diligence in asking a price breakdown before services or purchasing anything (shop around/compare market price) before proceeding. I asked for a custom built PC which he charged me $500 for assembly (but PC comes assembled when I called the company; so NOT assembled!) and charged me for each part instead. He will never show you the purchase receipts - be aware!
Jennifer DeBalso
5 months ago
AZ computer was reliable, fast, thorough and knowledgeable. Adrian, the owner was helpful in getting my computer working better and had excellent suggestions. He had the RAM I needed in stock and had my computer back to me within 2.5 hours after dropping it off. And since he was delivering another computer near me he kindly delivered mine on his way. I will be using AZ Commuters for all my computer needs moving forward.
Peter Renzi
4 months ago
Adrian, of AZ Computer Services, is outstanding! He delivered the kind of product and service that truly deserves high praise!! From now on, AZ Computer Services is my only go-to company for any of my tech needs! Thank you, Adrian, for the excellent service!! I’ll be seeing you again!!
Jill Fleisher
4 months ago
Adrian was fantastic! So easy to work with him - he is professional, accommodating, highly skilled and FAST! Will be passing this company info along to my network. I was thoroughly pleased with the entire experience. :)
shailu datta
2 weeks ago
Great service Adrian, thank you so much for being so considerate and for your patience in resolving my laptop screen and track pad issues . Looking forward to more technical support from you in future . I would definitely recommend Adrian and his team to all my friends .
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