Arkaba Wash n Shop
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Arkaba Wash n Shop
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Tobias Linz
2 weeks ago
Massage chair has a blockage at the coin intake, and clearly has for a while, but it is plugged in, turned on, and has no out of order sign. I lost $2 to it. And I can't be the first.
Andrew Phillips
a month ago
Very expensive washing machines, which are also relatively low capacity (even the larger machines) compared with other laundromats. Driers are a good size and relatively better priced. I spent nearly $50 to wash and dry what would be three typical loads in a home washer. I'd suggest only using this place if desperate.
Jacquie Perks
2 years ago
Love this place wash and dry once a week. While the clothes wash l sit back in massage chair and for 2 dollars l get a great massage for 5mins. Dryers actually spin dry, so drying doesn't cost so much. Machines are clean, the whole place is spotless. If you need to wash or dry this place is the best.
Sarah Murray
a year ago
When it first opened my thoughts were "why put a laundromat there" Then I had to use it. Bright, colour scheme and large space. Clean facilities, very large dryers which will be useful for bedding and quilts. A nice touch having the massage chair installed. Close to Woolworths so did my grocery shop while waiting.
Tony George
8 months ago
Looks nice and new. Put a load on and have a shop at Woolies next door. They're doing well now the competition closed down. Nice beef sausage at arkaba butchers.
Edward Grace
7 months ago
What a useless place they are living in the dark ages you need coins No pay pass so I go next door to woolworths and they can't give out coins on pay pass when are these idiots going to get with the times Don't go to this laundramat
2 years ago
Super busy ! No coin dispenser machine. And expensive compared to others. Washing: 6$ small 9$ medium 12$ big Dryer: 1$ for 6 minute. Machine is fairly big
Cain Deleeuw
2 years ago
Great place to shop, Price are good, Atmosphere is chill and relaxed, Staff are friendly and helpful customer service is their main priority. 10/10 recommend checking this place out.
Kristy Geduld
3 years ago
Great place to wash your clothes. Loved the added touch of the massage chair. Highly recommend.
Dave Hoffman
2 years ago
Clean, convenient, Woolworths next door so you can do shopping while clothes are washing or drying.
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