Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
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Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
Dr Kondekar is neurodevelopmental pediatrician from Mumbai. Parents from all over world consult online or direct at clinic for autism, adhd, cerebral palsy, LD, and epilepsy. Goal Directed Cognitive Approach helps parents generate hopes in few weeks with initiation of eye to connection and helping the kid initiate communication in form of nonverbal and verbal interaction. Treating behaviour and hyperness is key for physical stability. Physical stability and not physical exercises , help in intellectual development and processing. Knowledge and information are best learnt through language. Languages is best learnt via speech. Speech is best learnt by listening. Listening is best achieved by face to face sustained eye contact. No cure claim.
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Aakaar clinic, Shop no 25, first floor, Laxmi residency E, Byculla Station Road, Byculla West, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027, India
Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
10 days ago
Dr is not available till 12 may 2024
Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
1 month ago
Free autism score, free ADHD score , BERA TEST FOR 1000/- ONLY, EEG FOR 1000/- only
Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
1 month ago
Free Friday Appointments this Autism Month
Apr 17, 2024 – Apr 24, 2024
Autism Doctor Mumbai, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Neurologist Therapies Dr Kondekar
1 month ago
Do write your reviews, genuine personal experiences and attempts to improve the doctor parent communication for betterment of quality of life of all of us.
Any Assessment Report Consultation: Developmental Neurology, Epilepsy, Autism, ADHD Speech Delay and Assessments
EEG services in Byculla west, Adults and Children
32ch EEG
OT ST Si remedial educators, sensory integration, speech therapy, play therapy, art fro autism
Assessment and report fees 2000/- Per session charges 700/- Occupational for autism with sensory integration helps enable kids for daily living and communication.
Occupational Therapy SI Speeech therapy Special educator available
Therapy sessions
follow up
Neuro Developmental Pediatrician : free assessment and free report on Free Fridays for those with Free Coupons
iQ test for children and adults for 2000/-
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126 reviews
rita joshi
2 months ago
Usually I am not in the habit of giving reviews but this one is straight from my heart.Dr Kondekar today is nothing but God for us who has instilled hope and improvement in my twin children. He is always available on what's app or call which is a great boon. I get so depressed with 2 children but when I see Doctors posts on what's app status or facebook it again makes me bounce back. For all those parents with misconceptions please do visit Dr Kondekar. My children are blessed to have him as their doctor. Stay blessed doctor. With so many hearts you are touching everyday may God help you in furthermore spreading knowledge and treatments to many more children. With regards, Rita Joshi.
Shruti Ekhe
a month ago
My child was not giving eye contact , was hyper active and not at all communicating in past 6 months ; Your medication is working as magic for my son and he has improved a lot in last 6 months far from my expectations. Thank you so much sir god bless you.
pooja bhatia
4 months ago
Dr Santosh Kondekar sir is very knowledgeable and helpful I am consulting sir for my kid from last 3 months and now I am able to notice changes in him and the best part of taking treatment with sir is that he is always available whenever we ask any query and is very much passionate about helping people . He listens to parents patiently and guide us .I strongly recommend all the parents to take help of santosh sir for your kids as he has very much expertise in his field and is a great human being . You will start noticing small small changes in your child within one month of taking treatment from Santosh sir. Thanku sir for being there for us.
partha sarathi mohalik
3 months ago
Dr S.Kondekar is so much supportive Doctor ever i met in my life .. From day 1( July 2022) we started consulting for our daughter i had a blind belive on you and your words we as parents followed accordingly you instructed us now we getting result our daughter started talking some words, she know her name, parents,relatives,friends, school name etc....going to school, making friends also.. Now she is looking calm and obeying commands, before not sitting in one place more then 5min.. I Belive you and your words Sir, Thanks sir for you support and guidance.. God bless you & your Family.. You inspired me so much.. Really a true God for parents like us 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Swapnil Jadhav
4 months ago
Santosh sir is very helpful also he is available everytime. We are taking treatment from sir from last 2 month and we are able to notice very positive changes in my son, Thank u sir for your support Best Regards Swapnil Jadhav
shivprakash pandey
8 months ago
Dr Santosh Kondekar is a very nice person and excellent experience in his field. My daughter is under his supervision is doing well. He is doing a good mankind to all . God bless him with good health so that he keep up his social and medical help to everyone who is needing it.
Sanjay Sangani
9 months ago
We are consulting Dr Kondekar sir since a month now for our 4 year old. We noticed good behavioural and social improvement within a month, while he is still on medication. It is hard to find Dr like Kondekar sir who is passionate about his profession and also follow tangible goal oriented approach. Looking forward further to see my kiddo excel even without medicine with least side effect under his kind guidance.
Hriyan Singh
11 months ago
The best treatment plan and support! Our son was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, OCD was non-verbal and had many behavior issues. Dr.Kondeker has been that light in the dark , He gave us hope and since then our son has improved a lot.Can’t thank enough to him. No words can express. Thank you Sir 🙏🏻
Nima Mazumdar
11 months ago
Dr.Santosh is just like an angel for all autistic parents he passes on so much of positivity and helps us to face the situation by providing with his advice as an when required. His way of treatment is fabulous and he is always there for support any time you are need.
Huma dalvi
11 months ago
My son has been under dr santosh’s treatment since 4 months. And we have seen significant changes in him which are noticed by others as well. I thank Almighty for blessing us with dr santosh’s guidance and i recommend him to all parents in despair
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