Uni Uni Bubble Tea 攸攸茶
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Uni Uni Bubble Tea 攸攸茶
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a week ago
The drinks there are nice and fresh. They provide so many topping options that I didn’t seen in other boba tea stores. I love their strawberry lemon tea add green tea jelly. Will definitely come back to try more drinks. The street sign outside is cute for photo.
Gurleen Kaur
2 months ago
A good boba place in Chinatown but would probably prefer other places in the area. The brown sugar milk tea was great but the brown sugar tapioca just tasted like regular tapioca so I wasn’t as big of a fan. It was pretty busy but the service was good, but I wish there were a couple tables to sit and hangout.
Corrine McClintock
3 weeks ago
Uni Uni is a great spot in Chinatown (and all across Chicago) to grab bubble tea and various sweet treats - now including authentic Filipino cookies called Sylvanas! I tried the ube flavor which I liked, but it was super soft (almost too soft for my taste). The real star of the show here is the fruit teas in my opinion - the Lychee Peach Jasmine Green Tea with lychee and mango jellies - I am obsessed with those star jellies. The interior was a little small and not very clean, but the drinks made it worth it. Super quick service! We ordered at kiosks that made it really easy to check out. Follow@corrine_eats on IG for more food reviews & content!
Stephanie Cruz
3 months ago
The staff here was very efficient and nice. I can tell they have so many orders right before the eclipse at lunch time, yet they were able to get everything out so quickly. The atmosphere is cute & they have the cutest little uni uni pin for sale. The strawberry lemon jasmine is my favorite!
Car Life
11 months ago
Mmmmm this was so delicious and fun. We had just finished dinner at MCCB Michelin rated Chinese restaurant and decided to get some dessert. This place didn’t disappoint and it was worth waiting 15 minutes. I’ve been here twice and my friends and fiancée absolutely adore this place. It’s cute and everyone of all ages will find it charming. The mango rolled icecream was so delicious and it makes Dairy Queen in the US seem like some icecream slum lord. This place is at 3-4 different levels above most icecream places. The prices are also very reasonable for what you get. Also had several of their boba teas and one of my friends who had never tried boba tea was mind blown!!!
Ximena Narvaja
2 weeks ago
The spot is cute and the drinks pretty good. Had the strawberry smoothies with brown sugar boba. Boba didn't really taste much like brown sugar, which was disappointing, but they WERE soft, which I appreciates. Similar to others, wish there was a spot to sit, but it doesn't seem like it's a place to stay for longer than ordering and getting your drink despite the food options.
Rowshon Jahan
5 months ago
Been wanting to try their drinks for a while and was not disappointed. Gotten a small holiday based drink and it was sooo yummy. Can’t wait to try out more from their menu.
Abuelita Maco
a week ago
I usually go to the UniUni in Wicker Park, and this one is so not the same. The Chinatown location isn't as nice, and the quality of the drink isn't the same. This location doesn't make the teas as tasty. And they forgot the popping Boba in 2 out of 5 of my drinks. And I did get charged for it. The Uniuni fruit tea on Milwaukee has way more flavor (even when only sweetened 50%), and you get more fruit. Chinatown location isn't terrible, and they are very, very fast no matter how packed they are. But the quality of the drink suffers. Let's face it for what these teas cost they should always be perfect.
joanie Giacobbe
a year ago
My new favorite spot! I went to the wicker park location. They have a lot of amazing options. I went here for the first time on a Saturday and loved it so much I went back the next day. The drinks were incredibly refreshing on a hot summer Chicago day. Not pictured is the popcorn chicken which was perfectly crisp and tender. The portion was huge too! The service was quick and they have a kiosk which makes it convenient. I’m making it my mission to try one of everything on the menu. I don’t drink coffee, so this place will be my weekly coffee replacement. So so good. Definitely recommend!
Tiange Li
3 weeks ago
Best boba tea in Chicago, Peach oolong tea, Peach Watermelon Yakult and Kiwi Yakult are my favorites.
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